Wednesday, August 31, 2016

Balik Pulau Asam Laksa 浮罗山背亚三叻沙

Half the day was gone after my Balik Pulau nutmeg farm visit, it was time for lunch! A Penang friend said Balik Pulau is famous for durians, nutmeg and asam laksa. I have eaten durians and nutmeg, so it was time for a bowl of my favourite asam laksa! yum yum....

The driver drove us back to the small town .... but alas! The famous asam laksa stall was closed that day. She brought us to another shop, Cafe Ko Cha Bi Balik Pulau (浮罗古早味).

The shop sells Asam Laksa and Lemak Laksa. I ordered both to have a comparison of the soups.

The Asam Laksa (RM4) has a distinctive sourness because tamarind and ginger flower are used to prepare the soup. We could see the other fresh vegetables used in this dish as we watched the staff prepare our noodles. There are mint leaves, cucumber, pineapples, onions and lettuce. I was given a small saucer of shrimp paste to add to the soup.

The Lemak Laksa (RM4) uses coconut milk and some aromatic spices to prepare the soup. The coconut milk was not too overpowering, it was appetising but I still prefer the asam laksa.

The thick rice noodles used for both dishes are springy in texture. It absorbs the soup well.

Ecstatic to find Ice Ball being sold here! Ordered one and asked my Chinese companion to hold it while I snap a photo. He was complaining that the ice ball was freezing his hand. hahaha....

Enjoyed sucking on my ice ball ..... so nostalgic! This is my childhood memory.

After lunch, it was time to bade farewell to my Chinese companions. I was on my own to explore the quaint little town.

I crossed the road to take a picture of the wall mural, Balik Pulau Old Fisherman by Julia Volchkova.

Then I took a stroll to the main Chinese temple in Balik Pulau, Hean Boo Suah (玄武山). Worshippers from the Chinese community which comprise workers from the Hokkien, Hakka, Teochew and Hainanese dialect groups would converge in the months of March and July to pray to the deities. The temple grounds would be immersed in a festive mood.

Located on Lorong Bukit Penara off Jalan Balik Pulau, the temple was all quiet and there was not a soul in sight! I couldn't even take a peek inside the temple as the doors were locked. Took some pictures and left as the place was too deserted.

Visitors can board Rapid Penang bus 401, 401E, 403, 404, 501 and 502 to get here. The nearest bus stop is along Jalan Tun Sardon, it is about 10 minutes' walk to the temple.

I walked along Jalan Balik Pulau, stopping frequently to snap some pictures. The extreme hot weather was getting into me. I didn't have an umbrella to shield me from the scorching sun, I decided to call it a day and asked for directions to the Balik Pulau bus terminal.

At the bus terminal, I asked a commuter for the correct bus number to get me to Komtar. It took more than 90 minutes to get to the city.... I enjoyed the sights during the long bus journey.  

槟城友人说浮罗山背最著名的食物有榴莲、豆蔻以及亚参叻沙。吃过了榴莲和豆蔻, 午餐时间应该品尝亚参叻沙。嘻嘻。。。

浮罗山背最出名的叻沙当天没有开门营业, 司机就载我们去小镇上的浮罗古早味亚参叻沙。他们卖亚参叻沙和椰浆叻沙。。。 我两种都试吃, 个人觉得还是亚参叻沙好吃。

槟城亚三叻沙是用鱼熬出来,加入罗望子和姜花, 浓汤略带酸味, 但是我喜欢。椰浆叻沙没有太浓的椰浆味, 挺不错。

意外惊喜 - 是雪球!! 赶快叫了一粒来吃, 充满了童年回忆!

吃过午餐与中国游伴们道别, 独自一人在镇上逛逛、拍照。找到了镇上的招牌壁画和最大的华人寺庙 - 玄武山。虽然来浮罗山背旅游之前有做足功课前来,但是公共交通不方便, 加上酷熱天气, 让我放弃参观其他的景点。问了问当地人, 找到了巴士终站, 搭巴士回市区, 告别了这个朴素乡镇。


  1. Very interesting, have never seen such an iceball and also the food looks strange to me !

  2. Local street food of South-east Asia, it might look strange to people from other parts of the world. :)

  3. Oooo, you visited Penang! Sounds like you managed to get much out of your trip there food and drink as well as sights wise! :)

  4. @YTSL yes, I went back to Penang. Balik Pulau is not so ulu leh. There are a few places I wanted to visit but there was some transport problem. I will go again.