Saturday, August 06, 2016

Pokemon Go Launched in Singapore 《精灵宝可梦GO》登陆新加坡


Pokemon Go was officially launched in Singapore this morning (6th August, Saturday).

I was awakened from my sleep around 7 this morning when my son burst into my bedroom and shouted excitedly, "Got one here!" Before I could recover from my shock, he left my room. He then headed for the beach opposite my residence to meet his friends on a Pokemon Hunt.


My son was crazy over Pikachu when he was 7. I had to ask a friend to buy one from abroad. He bought a giant Pikachu soft toy and a small one, much to the delight of my young son. He had them for two years before the craze died down. I didn't expect it to come back with such a vengeance. LOL


Even our Minister of State for Manpower Teo Ser Luck is hunting monsters while queuing for his breakfast on the morning of its launch.

The Singapore Police has released a lengthy advisory on the Pokemon Go game. I couldn't help feeling worried for my son's safety after reading reports of accidents and injuries in countries where the game has been launched. I hope he will place his personal safety above "catch 'em all".

I have cooked dinner but my son is still out there catching Pokemon. sigh.


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