Monday, August 01, 2016

Hubby's Narrow Escape 老公死里逃生


My hubby had an accident at work on Sunday morning. He tripped, hit his head on a glass door which shattered. I saw him trip and then heard a loud bang as his head hit the glass door, it happened so fast that I didn't have enough time to react. Then the glass shattered and I watched in horror as the top piece of glass slide down .... what I remembered was the raining sound of the shattered glass onto the floor.

I rushed to his side. Fortunately the glass didn't shave off his head. I helped him up and he was still trying to console me by saying he was fine. Then the blood streaked down his face and dripped all over the floor. I gave him some tissue to stop the bleeding. I was panic stricken and almost fainted. The broken glass had made nasty gashes on the right side of his head and right ear.


It was so scary seeing so much blood. He was feeling dizzy from the loss of blood. I cleaned the blood from his face before sending him for medical attention.

Hubby was given immediate medical attention because patients in the queue graciously allowed us to see the doctor first when they saw him pressing the blood drenched tissue to his head. The doctor in attendance found two gaping wounds, one on his head and another more serious one on his right ear; both were still oozing blood. She suggested closing the wounds with glue so she need not shave his head to stitch the cuts. Wow. Glue the wounds, no need stitches!


She stopped the bleeding, cleaned the blood from his head and face, sterilised and applied glue on his wounds. She bandaged his head so he would not fidget with the glue. He was advised not to wash his hair for 5 days and was prescribed painkillers and antibiotics. Doctor ordered rest as his blood pressure went past 170. He has been given 3 days' medical leave.

Once we were home, I made him lunch before feeding him antibiotics and painkillers. He slept due to the effect of the medicine. I was so worried that I kept watch on his breathing and temperature. I am really scared and quite shaken by this accident.

Thanks to family, relatives, friends, business associates, colleagues, students, Deputy Speaker Lim Biow Chuan and Minister Grace Fu for your concern and prayers.

老公星期天早上在工作​​单位发生意外。他绊倒时头撞到玻璃门, 重大的撞击使玻璃门碎裂而割伤了他的右头和右耳。因为血压超过170, 医生吩咐他要休息最少三天。

看到那么多血, 我当时都吓呆了。感恩整片玻璃滑下时没把他脑袋削掉。




  1. Sorry to hear that, hope he's doing fine right now...

    1. Thank you Ken. He is recovering and has gone back to work.

  2. Luckely you could go immediatly to the doctor ! A few years ago, I was cleaning my home and received a statue on my head, behind ! I was afraid when all this blood appears ! I never forget this ! I hope all is ok now for him, step by step !

    1. Thank you for your concern. He is recovering well. We can get immediate medical attention if it is an emergency.