Tuesday, August 23, 2016

Hainanese Sweet Birthday Mee Sua (Vermicelli ) 海南生日面线


My other half's birthday is just around the corner. As I will be away on his special day, I choose to celebrate it in advance. I wanted to throw him a party and buy a birthday cake but he wanted the traditional Hainanese birthday noodle - mee sua (vermicelliin a light syrup, served with two hard boiled eggs.

I have bought a kilogram of hand made mee sua on my last Penang trip, he must have been eyeing it since then. haha.....

There is this Chinese tradition where we eat mee sua on our lunar birthdays. Mee Sua, dried, brittle and slightly salty, is also known as “Longevity noodles”. Peeling the  hard boiled eggs symbolize good fortune and luck ahead the year.


I made Mee Suah soup for hubby's birthday just like how my mum did it. She used to cook sweet noodles for us on our lunar birthdays, topped with two hard-boiled eggs.

Hainanese Sweet Birthday Mee Sua (Vermicelli )

1 skein mee sua
2 eggs
dark brown sugar  (to taste)
2 thin slices of ginger (optional)
diced spring onions (optional)

Method :
1.   I boiled some hard boiled eggs. The extra eggs are for my son who wanted "kok kok egg" (egg served in an egg cup) for breakfast. haha....

2.   Drain the eggs and set aside to cool.

3.   Cooking the syrup : Boil a soup bowl of water, add the dark brown sugar and ginger.

4.   Toss the mee sua in boiling water to remove the excess flour. Do not overcook the vermicelli. It cooks pretty fast, so work fast.

5.   Once cooked, drain the mee sua and place it in a soup bowl.

6.   Ladle the syrup over the cooked mee sua. Add some diced spring onions.


7.   Ask Birthday boy to crack the shells of the eggs himself and add them to his mee sua soup......., but he's cracking my eggs as well. haha.....

Birthday boy has requested for his hard boiled eggs to be coloured red but I didn't have the time for that.


Enjoying his birthday mee sua which is a great comfort food 
on a special occasion.

We both miss our Moms very much.


A hearty breakfast for the family.

老公多几天就过生日, 我却不在他身边。只好提早帮他庆祝, 他要求我煮一碗海南生日面线 - 甜汤面线加两粒染红的鸡蛋。早上时间太匆促, 将就点吧! 这碗面线有妈妈的味道, 让我两禁不住想念妈妈。

我从槟城买来的手工面线, 实在好吃! 祝愿寿星吃了寿面健康长寿;福寿年年;健康平安 。。。一路发!!


  1. the teochew too eat a sweet mea sua with hard boiled eggs for their bírthdays but Im not sure how the broth/syrup is cooked.

  2. Yes, I am a Teochew and the sweet broth is made the same method as what I have posted.

  3. Yes, I am a Teochew and the sweet broth is made the same method as what I have posted.