Monday, June 27, 2016

Durian Party for 200 @ Amber 200位居民的榴莲派对!

ANC 13

200 residents bought tickets and came together for a durian party at Amber. 500 kg of durians comprising D13, D24 and Musang King were consumed. Wow.

Mr Lim Biow Chuan, Deputy Speaker of Parliment, Adviser to Mounbatten Grasssroots Organization and MP for Mounbatten SMC was invited to the party.


But he didn't eat a single durian, he was busy opening durians for us.

Mr Lim's parents were fruit sellers and he used to help them at their fruit stall when he was younger. So he was opening durians like a pro. haha....

He even showed us how to open durians. I told my hubby to learn from him. LOL


Residents came as early as 6.40 pm to register despite the durian party starting at 7.30 pm. We ate cherries, mangosteens, lychees and tangerines while we waited. For the kids, there were candy, potato crisps and chocolates.


When the durians were served, every one just dug into it. The aroma of durians filled the air. You see some people struggling to open the durians while others just sitting there eating leisurely.

After an hour of non-stop eating, some gave up and happily licked their fingers. Many continued eating. It is a rare chance to eat durians until you puke and not only with family members, but with so many friends and neighbours. LOL


Remember to drink salt water from a durian husk ah!
记得吃完榴莲要用榴梿壳喝盐水 :D


After the durian feast, we went into the club house for a dialogue session with Mr Lim. Several residents gave feedback and were concerned about the upcoming MRT line in Marine Parade. Residents stayed back to chat with Mr Lim even after the session ended.

恐怖榴莲派对! 500公斤的榴莲! 200位居民一起吃榴莲! 我们的国会副议长林谋泉不只为我们示范开榴梿, 还亲自为我们开榴梿。大家都吃得好开心。


  1. Love dinner party and never had durian need to google it.
    Coffee is on

  2. Waaaaaah! I'm heading back to Penang for a short trip next month. I really hope that durians will still be in season then!

    1. Durians are available from end of July to end of August. Just in time for your balik kampung!