Friday, April 01, 2016

Patience Required for this Mushroom Minced Pork Noodle 需要耐心等待的香菇肉脞面


Popular mushroom minced pork noodle (dry) recommended by a celebrity. We ordered and waited from 10 am ..... it took 85 minutes for our noodles to arrive. At 10.35 am, they stopped taking orders.

Worth the wait? Read and decide for yourself.

A bowl of this mushroom minced pork noodle costs S$4. Their cooked noodles are springy, served together with ingredients like minced meat, braised mushroom, sliced fishcake, sliced pork and liver. Their braised mushroom sauce is delicious.

They are usually sold out much earlier than their closing time (2.30 pm). Expect a long waiting time.


The queue to order the noodles was long. Many customers whose orders were ahead of us in the queue, were waiting patiently while sipping their beverages. We started chit-chatting with the people around us.


This young man who shared his table with us, came at 8 am. He ordered his noodles, then sent his car for repairs and returned for his noodles. His noodles came at 10.23 am.

He is a regular customer at this stall, the server said he is here almost every day. He stays nearby and is used to waiting.... minimum 40 minutes. Although he is a regular customer, he does not have priority over the others.

Asked why he doesn't eat at the eateries nearby. He said he has been eating within his neighbourhood for more than 10 years, he is getting tired of the usual food fare. These noodles taste better than the rest. I recommended him a nearby hawker centre.

It was later that I learnt that the owner is retiring and selling his business. That's the reason for the crowds.

名人介绍的香菇肉脞面, 20多年老字号即将转手换人做, 因为老板要退休。

需要耐心等待的香菇肉脞面, 即将消失的老味道。。。。值得等吗?

那天我们去吃干捞的香菇肉脞面, 不惜等长达85分钟。我们从早上10点开始等。。。10点多来的人已不收定单。

煮好的面条有弹性,搭配的有肉末,烩香菇,鱼饼片,猪肉片和猪肝。他们的香菇拌酱好吃。价钱不贵, 一碗香菇肉脞面从S$4起。