Monday, April 25, 2016

Our Hainan Village Ancestral House 我们的海南乡村祖屋


The first time I stepped into this kitchen of our ancestral house, I immediately fell in love with this traditional woodfire stove. My sister-in-law had just finished cooking, so I had no chance to "play" with it.

超爱这个传统的厨灶, 但用它来煮菜, 对我来说不容易。呵呵。。。


My hubby was worried I would not be able to adapt to the living conditions and environment of our old ancestral house.

I tried my best, braving the hot weather, flies and mosquitoes. I am grateful to my relatives who made sure I was comfortable and well-fed.

Our ancestral house was rebuilt in the early 80s. The old house was devastated by a monstrous typhoon.


TK said our old ancestral house looks something like this. The house was small with a low ceiling. The roof was supported by coconut tree trunks which were rotting.

They relied on oil lamps for light at night and draw water from a well shared by three families.

Now we have electricity and tap water.


TK and his sons are doing great maintaining and upkeeping our ancestral house. They have built extensions to accommodate the ever growing family.

And they continuously try to make living on the ancestral land as comfortable as possible.


Contrary to what many of my friends think, the roads in many of Hainan's villages are paved and there are street lights. The Chinese authorities have done a good job in the village. I am impressed.

我回乡那段期间, 最受不了那酷热的天气。。。 比新加坡更热。还有好多苍蝇和蚊子。很感谢我的亲戚确保我住得舒服,还"精心喂养"。呵呵。。。

海南省实现我们全村道路水泥硬化、自来水、用电、通讯、广播电视全覆盖,有村通宽带, 村民生活水平有了很大提高。

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