Saturday, April 23, 2016

Haikou Day Trip 海口一日游吃吃喝喝


Spent a day in Haikou catching up with friends. Dimsum breakfast at Hainan Ye Hai Hotel's restaurant where there is a wide variety of tasty dimsum to choose from. The hospitable host ordered quite a huge spread of food but I ate only a bowl of century egg porridge and some steamed dumplings.

It was a leisurely breakfast that lasted 3 hours.... and it was time for my lunch appointment with another friend.


Fortunately, the Hong Kong Cafe where I was meeting my friend was located just across Hainan Ye Hai Hotel.

Another two hours spent on lunch of roast meats and springy noodles. My friend recommended the cafe's popular bo lo bao (pineapple buns)a pillowy soft bread with a crumbly, buttery and sugary top crust which looks like a pineapple. I noticed that almost every table in the cafe has at least a bo lo bao.

There is the Bo Lo You (菠萝油), to go with butter; without butter, it is Bo Lo Bao (菠萝包). I had the bo lo bao which is too big for my liking but my friend insisted I ate one by myself. Disposable hand gloves are provided by the cafe... so considerate.

The pineapple buns were so delicious, I came back to buy some for takeaway to Singapore. :D


For my dinner date, I had coconut chicken hot pot with crispy Korean pork belly. My host made me ate half a bowl of yam rice, it is a traditional Hainan comfort food. I'm not a fan of yam rice but this tasted pretty good, flavourful puffy rice and mildly sweet fragrant yam.

到椰海大酒店酒楼与朋友见面, 早餐吃点心喝喝茶, 吃了3个小时。

约了另一位朋友在香港茶餐厅吃午饭 - 吃港式燒烤和QQ面条。 朋友还推荐我吃他们的菠萝包。菠萝包好大一个! 餐厅提供一次性塑料手套,用手套抓菠萝包就餐。这个菠萝包太好吃了! 我飞回新加坡当天打包了一些。

晚餐又有朋友约我吃海南原味椰子鸡火锅和酥脆韩国五花肉。我不爱吃芋头饭, 朋友"逼"我吃半碗这里的传统海南芋头饭。这芋头饭味道还不错!


  1. WOW, what a spread the dumplings i would also go with, but not the "century" old egg (i like mine fresh)

  2. hahaha.... the century old egg is not palatable to most people.