Friday, November 27, 2015

EmQuartier Shopping Mall Bangkok


When we were in Bangkok a couple of months ago, a Thai friend brought us to this new EmQuartier mall situated on Sukhumvit Road.

It is split up into three different zones where one separate building is connected by several walkways. 'The Glass Quartier' features many international luxury brands with a selection of home-grown brands.

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We took the elevator to the top and discover this impressive 100-metre long ‘rainforest chandelier’ hanging from the ceiling.


‘The Helix Quartier’ where almost 50 food and beverages outlets from food courts to restaurants can be found by heading up an impressive spiral walkway. Wow.... plenty of food choices...... and lovely views from floor-to-ceiling windows in many of the food outlets.

We had a satisfying lunch at a Japanese restaurant followed by desserts and drinks at a cafe where the decor and menu is inspired by flowers, and hence we saw flower designs everywhere. Such a pretty place to have a meal! :)


The unique petal fritters which I ordered was very appetising and yummy. I am going to try cooking some for myself when I am back home.

We proceeded to the fifth floor and discovered an open courtyard complete with trees, benches, interconnecting pools of flowing water. From a couple of viewing platforms, we posed for pictures with some excellent views of down-town Bangkok.

Took some pictures at ‘The Waterfall Quartier’ which is home to an awe-inspiring man-made waterfall (40 metres high) before we left.

EmQuartier Shopping Mall, Bangkok
Phrom Phong BTS


  1. It seems like that mall here are bigger than those in KL. :D

  2. To discover a wonder on the 5th floor must be something. It's a very nice concept to let visitors unwind. :D

    1. Your children will love the open space and beautiful garden. It's also breezy and there are 360 degree views of the city and a park.