Friday, June 05, 2015

Johor Bahru Old Town Tour 逛新山文化老街


We drove up to Johor Bahru one weekend morning to meet up with friends. They were waiting for us outside JB Hainan Association where we commenced our walk of the heritage trail of Johor Bahru Old Town.

We stopped outside the iconic Red Mansion along Jalan Tan Hiok Nee for some photos. It's such a beautiful building.

开车到新山与邻国友人们吃吃喝喝逛新山老街。友人指出,我可以在新山华族历史文物馆购买“新山人文步行图”。 经过陈旭年文化街上最显眼的地标"红楼"时, 举起相机拍下美丽的建筑。


I bought some sugared toasts at this old Salahuddin Bakery (1937) which is still using a wood-fired oven to bake their breads.

Our friends recommended a cafe opposite the bakery shop. It is popular for selling the ‘best chicken chop in town’. We will have to come back for the food as it is not opened for breakfast.

这家老面包店依然采用燃木烤炉烤面包,我买了一些加糖的土司。朋友推荐面包店对面一家咖啡厅的鸡扒, 在当地号称是全新山“最好吃的鸡扒”。因为咖啡厅上午11点才开, 我们下次去新山, 要去尝尝看来很好吃的鸡扒。


We had traditional Hainanese breakfast on the second level of Johor Bahru's Restoran Hua Mui before we continued with our tour of Tan Hiok Nee Cultural Street. I ordered a hot Milo, but my friends encouraged me to have a taste of their coffee. I had a sip from my husband's cup, the black coffee was thick and aromatic.

新山行逛老街 - 华美茶餐室古早味的早餐
到这里享用一顿洋溢着新山当地风味的早餐,开始丰富的文化老街之旅。 这是海南人的老店, 可以尝尝新山道地香滑醇厚的 海南咖啡,加上炭烤咖央多士和半生熟鸡蛋, 感受一下当年的味道。


We saw a queue outside this traditional Hainanese bakery. My husband queued while I went in the tiny shop to take photos. As the shop was too crammed and the bakers were extremely busy, I quickly snapped some pictures and exited.

At this bakery, all their breads and cakes are still baked using wood fire in a vintage brick oven.

我们看到相当多人在这家老式面包店外排着长队。我先生也加入排队,而我到小店里拍照。由于小小的店里太拥挤, 加上面包师们都非常忙,我赶紧拍几张照片就退出。这面包店 所有的面包和蛋糕还是使用老式砖炉烘烤的。


Luckily my husband only queued half an hour for the freshly baked coconut buns. He bought their famous banana cake too - yummilicious!!

辛苦了, 老公! 花了30分钟排队等待美味的传统海南面包出炉!买了最受欢迎的椰子面包和香蕉蛋糕!香蕉蛋糕好好吃!

We had lunch with another two girlfriends at Penang Road Famous Teochew Chendul@ City Square. One of my friends ordered Penang Assam Laksa, Penang Curry Noodle and cendol for us. Thanks Michelle for meeting us and buying lunch.

在城市广场“槟榔律驰名潮州煎蕊”与我的姐妹们吃午餐 - 我们点了槟城亚参叻沙, 槟城咖喱面和槟城珍多冰。谢谢Michelle请客。

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