Monday, April 13, 2015

West Island, Sanya 三亚西岛


The car we hired arrived at our hotel around 11.30 am to pick us up. The enterprising young driver Xiao Yu was moonlighting on his day off.

I had wanted to go to Yalong Bay but Xiao Yu said it was not on the way to Nanshan Cultural Park. He suggested West Island (三亚西岛), Tian Ya Hai Jiao (三亚天涯海角) and Da Xiao Dong Tian caves (三亚大小洞天).

Not knowing where or what is West Island, we were dismayed to discover that we had to take a ferry to an island for sea sports..... and we were not dressed for it. Xiao Yu gave us one and a half hours to explore the island. *Huh!?*


Entrance ticket plus ferry per person is RMB160. -_-

It was a 15-minute ride by ferry. When we arrived at the island, our eyes brightened up. The crystal clear water and white sand!! Unfortunately we didn't bring along our swimming attire. We could buy them but the prices were exorbitant!

There is a tram to bring us round the island but we thought we could see more if we go on foot. Big mistake. There was a private resort where a huge bull statue was located, we were denied entry. We must pay for the tram ride if we want to take pictures of it. grrr.....

Since we did not have much time, we skipped visiting the statue. My brother-in-law wanted to try parasailing. After checking the prices, he passed. hahaha....

We watched some tourists learn scuba diving. It would be fun to try.... the water is so clean and clear. We seriously need a dip in the cool water. We settled for cut-throat ice-cream cones. *long sigh*


Everything costs money on this island.... be it taking pictures with a parrot, resting on a beach chair, sheltering from the hot sun under a beach umbrella etc.

West Island is not a must-visit. $$$$ fly.......


So we had a photo shoot by the beach ... with a busybody lifeguard giving suggestions. hahaha....

Very soon it was time to go, and it was jostling time with scores of Chinese visitors to board the ferry. Glad to land safely on the main land. Feeling exhausted and withered.