Tuesday, April 14, 2015

The End of the Earth @ Sanya 天涯海角


Next stop after our trip to West Island - The End of the Earth (天涯海角).

Before we came on the trip, our Hainanese clansmen said if we did not visit this famous tourist attraction "The End of the Earth", we are considered not to have visited Hainan Island. OK,  we put it on our itinerary.

Entrance fee 105 RMB per person (peak season 1 Oct - 30 April ). Train ride 15 RMB per person. We exit in 40 minutes.

Busloads and busloads of Chinese tourists arrive. There are queues to buy tickets, long queue to ride the train, but no queue for taking photos of the famous rocks.

You can wait until you are covered with cobwebs and no one will allow you some space for a picture, so I had to include the strangers in my pictures.

The scorching sun was baking us alive. We brought our own bottled water, sparing ourselves from being "slaughtered" by the hawkers.

Not going to post pictures of ugly behaviours of the Chinese tourists. There are signs everywhere to warn visitors against littering and climbing on rocks (dangerous because of the slippery surfaces)... but they do it anyway. :D

Driver Xiao Yu asked if I enjoyed the attraction. I told him there are only rocks. He laughed and said that's what you paid to see. He disclosed : ALL tour agencies must include this in their itinerary or else their license will not be renewed. -_-""

Been there, done that...... I went to The End of the Earth.


  1. So, every tourist will visit the place and you have done it too! Hehehe

  2. Why do they call it The End Of The Earth?

    1. In the past, the phrase 天涯海角 was suggesting an unattainable place. From Song to Qing Dynasty, officials out-of-favour with the emperor were banished here due to the remoteness of the cape from Beijing.

  3. Yeah...why did they call it...The End of The Earth? Haha :D Nothing much to see...perhaps...that's why it is called The End of the Earth?

    1. hahaha.... this place is too crowded to be the end of the earth