Friday, April 17, 2015

Wenchang @ Hainan Island - Photohunt 海南文昌之旅


Photohunt theme : Ball

It was evening when we reached Wenchang Rail Station. We were lucky to find an honest-looking cab driver who apologised for charging us 30 RMB for the short ride to the hotel. He claimed he had waited 5 hours at the railway station and we were the only customers he had that day. Wenchang is a small, quiet town with few tourist visitors. The locals do not ride cabs usually as the fare price is costly.

After checking into our hotel, we went out to meet our clansmen for dinner. We hired motorbikes to bring us to the restaurant. I was apprehensive and scared because both my husband and I had to ride on a motor bike. 3 people on a motorbike and without helmets!

But it was a good experience. It's been a long time since I rode on a motorbike. It costs 6 RMB per bike ride. It is the most common mode of public transport in Wenchang. We arrived at the restaurant safely :D


After our dinner, we went to shop for souvenirs. We were offered Hainan Island Chinese tea which is fragrant and has a slight bitter taste. Several members bought the tea leaves.

We went to a snack shop and bought some snacks to gift our relatives and friends back in Singapore. The prices here are cheaper than in Haikou and Sanya.

After washing up and changing back in our room, we went for foot reflexology and massage (99 RMB per person). The foot massage was so painful but my feet felt good after that. :)

We went to an open air food centre near a river for supper. I didn't dare to eat the food, the others ate traditional Hainanese desserts.


The next day, a fellow Hainanese bought us lunch. He bought fresh seafood from the local market and the famous Hainanese "goi yam" (desexed cockerel 海南阉公鸡) to the restaurant for them to cook.


There were about 12 dishes, some of the food are not easily available in Singapore. I tried a little of every dish so as to taste authentic, traditional Hainanese food. I felt so full after the feast.  

Hainanese balls

My husband's favourite traditional Hainanese snacks - sweet potato balls, deep fried peanut balls and salted egg yolk custard balls!


  1. How often do you travel to mainland China (including, for current purposes, Hainan)? Seems like a lot!

    1. I went back to my grandparents' village in Shantou last year. This year I went to my parents-in-law's village in Hainan. I put up too many posts on China trips. LOL

  2. It looks like a great visit with family!

    Great shots for this week's theme.

    Have a super weekend.

  3. de'sex'-ed? like 太监?how to go to toilet lah like that aiyoyo

  4. wow....impressive. You still have relative in China ya? Nice to go for visit

  5. such a grand feast. hope you enjoyed all of them.:)

  6. Dropping by to say hi. hope you're keeping well dear.

    1. Hi LR, glad to see you back to blogging. It's been a long time.

    2. yeah i know what u mean. i haven't decided if i'd be back to blogging permanently. too many things to do and so little time. :(