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Haikou To Sanya By Express Train - Photohunt

Haikou dimsum
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We had a long walk along the main road after dinner on the 2nd night in Haikou. We were looking for a massage parlour and found ourselves in another neighbourhood. Saw a dimsum restaurant and decided that would be our place of breakfast on the 3rd day.

The restaurant was crowded on a Sunday morning, fortunately we didn't have to queue. I took a look at the dimsum and found the portions too big. Before I placed my order, the waitress asked how many persons were eating. I told her two. She politely stopped me from ordering when I selected four types of dimsum. She suggested I finished the food first before placing more orders. Thankfully I didn't order much because we couldn't finished eating them, so I brought them back for the chambermaid.

My brother-in-law arrived around noon. As we didn't book the express train tickets in advance, we took a cab to Haikou East Railway Station to purchase the tickets. There were long queues for tickets, I managed to get the last 3 First-class seats (99.50 RMB each) on the 2 pm ride.

Realised we didn't have our lunch yet.

Haikou train

We had more than one hour before boarding time, we tried looking for a place to have lunch but there were only snacks available, I consoled the guys that we could buy packed meals (便当) on the train. I enjoyed my train trips in Taiwan because of such convenient and yummy meals (坐火车吃便当).

Journey to Sanya takes 2 and a half hours. The guys fell asleep on the train, skipping their lunch. I amused myself by taking photos of the villages we passed through.

Sanya rail

We arrived safely at Sanya Railway Station around 4.30 pm. The weather was extremely hot. We joined the long queue for a cab to the city. There are buses to the city but we didn't know the location of our hotel.

The queue cleared slowly. Glad the cab driver knows where our hotel is located and promptly drove us to our destination. There was no need to bargain, he turned on his meter. :)

We reached our hotel in 15 minutes. The hotel receptionist and the bellboy were very helpful. They recommended some places to visit in Sanya city and pointed out the restaurants serving good food.

My charming guys got us two rooms with spectacular views of Sanya River!

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