Thursday, March 19, 2015

Durian Flowers - WW


A Malaysian friend had gathered a sack of durian flowers from his durian plantation. The durian flowers are edible. I have not tasted durian flowers before, so I asked him to keep some for me. On Wednesday evening, we drove to Johor Bahru to collect the durian flowers.

durian flowers

We met our friend Helen, who had kindly collected the durian flowers on my behalf, at a restaurant. She brought her three adorable kids and we had dinner together. The restaurant owner stir-fried some durian flowers for us. They were fragrant and oozing a sticky liquid but they were crunchy.


The kind owner offered the dish free to FB friends. Only one friend could make it and he brought along a bottle of toddy (fermented coconut sap) to share with us. I had a sip, it was my first time tasting it. It was sourish.... and said to be a detox drink... so I didn't dare to drink more. :)

We made several new friends at the restaurant. Every one loves to look for good food :)


Helen brought me some 5-spice pork rolls (Penang loh bak) and a bottle of rojak sauce from her recent trip to Penang. She gave me a packet of frozen D24 durian puree too.

The next day, I fried my durian flowers with spicy prawn floss and served it with the Penang 5-spice pork rolls for dinner, I made durian mousse with the frozen durian puree. We enjoyed the food gifts very much :D


  1. i do something similar with squash flowers (also edible), but durian has a very pungent taste - do the flowers also?

    1. The durian flowers do not taste and smell like the fruits. They are crunchy with a tinge of fragrance and sweetness.

  2. That's something really new to me, I have never heard of durian flowers ! Through blogging I become a living Wikipedia !

    1. It's the first time I see and taste durian flowers :)

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    1. hahaha..... you working on a weekday afternoon wor. It was a last minute decision.

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    1. I heard about it. So when the durian flowers were offered to me, I grabbed them. :D