Friday, March 20, 2015

Chaozhou Kaiyuan Temple 潮州开元寺 - PhotoHunt


Photohunt Theme : Beam

On my trip to Chaozhou last October, I visted the Chaozhou Kai Yuan Temple (潮州开元寺) which is situated within the walls of Chaozhou Old City. A beautiful temple complex with several interesting courtyards filled with lovely trees and flowers. It was built over 200 years ago and has in recent years undergone a reconstruction.

We had a guide to bring us round and tell us the history behind this temple. The temple features the architectural style of the Song, Yuan, Ming and Qing dynasties. During the Cultural Revolution decade, a large number of Ming and Qing Dynasties relics were destroyed.

The temple was able to attract many visitors because it was said to have granted many worshippers' wishes. Tickets were cheap, only five reminbi. But from 4th March 2015, it is free admission.


We followed the guide on a tour of the temple grounds, looking up at the ceiling of a building..... What a sight! Pretty cool beams, huh?

The carving, sculptures and paintings are so intricate and abundant. We saw dragons and animals all around us. The intricately carved columns support a beam which is held together purely with joints as no nails are used.



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    1. It's a small temple with a long history of interesting events. :)

  2. I'll yawn and probably fall asleep when you tell me the grandmother stories of the temple LOL

    1. The stories are very interesting. I enjoyed listening to them :)

  3. Beautiful temple and perfect pics for the theme :)