Monday, February 23, 2015

Healthy Rice Rolls 台湾饭团 - WW

snack roll plus soy drink

After a physiotherapy session for my back pain at TTSH, I would proceed to the nearest mall for a meal or snack.

I have walked past this shop selling Taiwanese rice rolls (台湾饭团) many times but it didn't manage to tempt me to patronise them. :D

One day, I was meeting a friend for lunch but the appointment was a good one and a half hours later. I had an early breakfast that day, so I stopped by this shop to get a snack.

While eating my snack roll, I watched the lunchtime crowd placed their orders.


Choose from this row of wooden rice tubs which hold a selection of Mixed Grain Rice, Red Rice, Purple Rice, Brown Rice and Wheat Germ Brown Rice for the rice rolls.


After selecting your rice, choose 5 types of fillings from the wide selection at the counter. Finally choose a sauce to go with your rice roll.

I have eaten rice rolls once while holidaying in Taiwan. They are economical and convenient. The rice rolls sold in Singapore are more expensive.

I will make these rice rolls for my family at home. :)


  1. So far, i also walk pass before, but didn't give it a try...

  2. Nice! I've eaten the Japanese ones but have never tried the Taiwanese ones before. I'll love to go to Taiwan someday.

    1. I have eaten both the Japanese and Taiwanese versions. The Taiwanese are more creative with their stuffings.

  3. I prefer homemade ones, in Malaysia.

    But when I go to Japan, of course I love trying different kinds sold at the stores. :)

    Happy New Year ECL, to you and family.

    1. I have yet to make my own. I will try soon :D
      Ahhhh.... forgot you are a fan of Japanese culture and food.

      Happy New Year to Lina and family!

  4. Sorry a bit late, but better late than never. HAPPY CNY OF THE GOAT to you and family!! :)