Tuesday, January 13, 2015

Supper @ Sukhumvit Soi 38


We were staying in Sukhumvit on our last Bangkok trip. A friend suggested visiting Sukhumvit Soi 38 Night Food Market for supper one night.

We took the skytrain to Thonglor BTS station. I was surprised to see only a handful of stalls opened for business. The guys wanted to eat the famous wanton noodles but I was too tired to walk to the end of the street, so we settled for the pork flat rice noodles.


The friendly boss, who spoke Teochew with us, has many Singaporeans and Malaysians customers. And because I am a Teochew, I was given more meats. hehehe.... 

The steaming hot broth was very welcoming on a cold night. The crispy roasted pork was so yummy, we ordered extra portions.

Good business at his stall..... while we were leaving, a mini bus brought 11 young men and women to his stall.


As we had to catch the last train back to the hotel, we bought fruit juice and mango on sticky rice to take away.


Fruit juice was good but the famous mango on sticky rice was overrated. Prices tend to be higher because more tourists come here to experience Bangkok's night food market.


  1. Such a beautiful looking meal. xo Catherine

    1. Hi Catherine..... looks good and tastes good, it was a very satisfying meal. :)

  2. I think I have been here! But forgot what I ate! LOL

    1. LOL.... I bet you have been here. It's popular with Malaysians and Singaporeans. Can check your blog posts what you eat. :D

  3. Bangkok also looks interesting and fun though I have never been there.
    Wish I visited the city with my family. :D

    1. It's not too far from Japan. Plan a visit, you will love it :)