Friday, August 08, 2014

Lacy Malay Pancakes, Roti Jala - PhotoHunt

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Roti Jala, lacy pancakes for breakfast.

Lacy pancakes made from a flour batter. The cook uses a special mould, (a cup-like funnel with four spouts) to form a lacy pancake cooked on a hot griddle.

I had roti jala with chicken curry at Geylang Serai hawker centre. yum yum


Early morning music.......... pet birds having a good exercise, singing their hearts out :D


Making music with cooking equipment on the busy Orchard Road tourist belt. :)


  1. Reminds me of funnel cake. But this looks like a challenge I might want to try in cooking.
    Coffee is on

  2. What a delicious take on lacy, very clever too!! I am back with a little post :) Happy weekend. Cheers, ECL!


  3. Roti jala... I haven't eaten them for at least two years. Now you've made me crave them!!! ;(

  4. Nice roti jala. Old folks used to say do not bang or make too much noises on the wok etc to 'preserve' else susah cari makan. What about those char koay teow fellas keep knocking the wok with the 'wok chan' yet they make tons of money. Speechless!

  5. Hi ECL, awesome! I wouldn't mind trying those lacy pancakes. The chefs look like they're having a great jam session. :) Great photos.

    Have a great weekend.