Thursday, July 10, 2014

Day Trip to Yong Peng


I signed up for a day trip to Yong Peng (Malaysia) with residents from Mountbatten constituency. It was a huge group of 160 people :)

We visited an organic farm in Yong Peng and learnt about its amazing cold water cooling system that keeps water at a deliciously cold 8 degree Celsius! This system enables the farm to grow grapes and cherry tomatoes in our tropical climate. I was fascinated with the fruits and vegetables grown here. A friendly farm worker pluck some cherry tomatoes for me to eat, they were sweet and juicy.

This farm is huge, it has bicycles for hire if you want to explore it. Hats are on loan so you could have fun as a farmer for a few hours. I enjoyed the guided tour and had fun here.

The farm built a swiftlet house and bird's nest processing factory on their premises. I had a quick tour of it.


We visited a traditional Foochow noodle making factory. The factory was situated in a village and we can see many old wooden houses surrounding it.

The interior of the small factory was clean and tidy. Workers were busy manning the shining new machines. We had a chance to try the traditional way of making the noodles using a long bamboo pole.


Tour members were very happy when it was finally lunch time. We arrived at a durian plantation where wooden sheds were built to cater to busloads of Singaporeans who had come for their durian buffet.

The residents enjoyed eating the King of fruit although I found the quality of the fruits was not up to standard. For those who dislike eating durians, there were fried bee hoon and curry chicken. Some rambutans and mangosteens were served.
yo yo

We were brought to a huge supermarket selling local products. There were samplings to taste before we buy. I bought some biscuits and snacks for my family and friends back home.

We returned to Johor Bahru for an hour of shopping at a local shopping mall before we had a 8-course dinner at a halal restaurant.


  1. 160 is a lot of people, thought normally only 1 bus...

    1. There were 4 buses, each bus carried 40 residents. The residents like to go on day trips, so usually there are lots of people signing up. The organisers cannot turn them away.

  2. That sounds very good ! I mean the way everything is cultivated and prepared.

  3. We are so near yet so far but 160 of you guys came all the way, salute!

  4. My goodness what a wonderful "foodie" day! I'd really enjoy a day like that.