Friday, March 07, 2014

Colourful Floats of Chingay Parade 2014 - PhotoHunt

It's the Year of the Horse!!

It was raining cats and dogs hours before Chingay Parade 2014 commenced. One new immigrant friend who was looking forward to the parade called to express her anxiety. I told her to pray hard for good weather that night. LOL

It was drizzling when our chartered bus arrived at the venue. We had brought umbrellas but were still pleasantly surprised to see disposable raincoats in each of our goodie bags. Thumbs up to the organizers!   


"Colours of Fabric, One People" was the theme for Chingay Parade 2014. Together with a group of new immigrant friends, we watched a two-hour live spectacle of colourful floats and multi-cultural performances at F1 Pit Building.

There were 12 floats, I am only posting the ones I like :)


Varnajalam – Joy of Colours (Indian Float) 喜悦的色彩 
By: Narpani and Prabhudheva Dance Academy

Felt like I was in Bollywood because the music was so upbeat and energetic. :D

The Elephant God is known as Lord Ganesha, one of the 5 prime Hindu deities worshipped by the Hindus. He is looked upon as a representation of perfect wisdom and a bestower of prosperity. Held in great honour among Hindu devotees as a symbol of royalty, power, wisdom, fertility and longevity!


Anyaman Jati – Weaving Personas (Malay Float) 魅力风情
By: MESRA and the Malay Activities Executive Committees

I couldn't help noticing how intricate the Malay float is with those moon-shaped Malay kites. These kites are also known as Wau Bulan, derived from the crescent moon-like shape of the kite (bulan means “moon” in Malay) and ‘Wau’, pronounced as ‘Wow’, is an Arabic letter that looks something like the kite’s shape. The kites represent fashion, passion and dreams to the Malay Community


Longevity Float 寿星公花车
By: PAssion Card, Select Group and Peach Garden

Notice the various auspicious characters – the God of Longevity, dragons spiralling up the skies, galloping horses, perching cranes, leaping deers and ripe peaches - they evoke a sense of eternal hope and joy.

Everyone loved the spectacular displays of  fireworks for a brilliant end to an exciting night of dazzling extravaganza of colours and cultural diversity.

See you next year!!

PhotoHunt theme : Colours/Bad Weather


  1. Happy New Year, FriendALOHA from Honolulu
    Comfort Spiral

    =^..^= <3

    1. Happy New Year to my Hawaiian friend, Cloudia. ↖(^▽^)↗

  2. love a good parade - this looked spectacular!

    1. One of the most spectacular parades I have ever seen. Maybe it was because I was at the parade, the festive ambience was fantastic.

  3. What a colourful spectacle the Chingay parade looks to have been! :)

  4. Ahh... would definitely love to join next time :D

  5. Must have been a fun evening despite the rains!

  6. Love the colours in those shot - perfect for this week's theme!

    Have a super weekend.

  7. What an amazing parade and celebration ! Thank you for sharing your pictures and your experience. I would never have know about this otherwise.

  8. What a spectacular parade...and so colourful!!

  9. yeah.. indeed a very colorful parade.. colorful in terms of the visuals, and of course colorful in terms of the culture.. though drizzling but still a great event not to be missed huh?? :)

  10. Chingay has always been a colourful occasion. Caught the float in our neighbourhood this year.

  11. What colors!!!glad you had good weather.

    Coffee is on

  12. How gorgeous. I didn't know that the elephant is very important.

  13. wow...over there is such a big celebration. Lovely parade. Hope one of these days will be able to go and see