Friday, January 10, 2014

Coffee Time @Chye Seng Huat Hardware - PhotoHunt

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I received an invitation to a coffee party and when I arrived at the venue on a rainy Sunday ....


I was wondering if I had gone to the wrong place. The address given by the host was a hardware store. I peeped into a glass window .... there were people eating and drinking inside.

Chye seng huat

I found the entrance to the coffee bar. :)

Inside the coffee bar ..... 

Patrons were sitting around a standalone coffee island bar and watching the barristas at work.

It was packed and there was a long queue for seats. The young handsome owner (looks like a Korean movie star) opened up his Training Room for our group. It was on the second level.

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A spacious and cosy room for the 24 of us, away from the madhouse downstairs, it was a quiet place to chill and relax. The host ordered coffee and cakes. I am not a coffee person but the aroma of the coffee was too much for me. I was offered sips of assorted brews from my friends. :)


The coffee bar also offers full breakfast and lunch menu. I had a Spicy Prawn Aglio Olio that was too oily. I passed it to hubby and went for the cakes. :P

Love all the chocolate ones! :)


We had a good time with the people we care.


  1. You are ahead in time too, lol ! we just started Friday !

  2. Seems like a nice place for a cuppa coffee!

  3. The party looks very fun. Also the food is yummy. :D

  4. Wonderful place, who could have known what the door was hiding! love the cakes :)

    door ~ time

    1. Right, I would not know a coffee bar was behind those doors if I was just passing by.

  5. So... does coffee time take place around tea time? ;)

  6. It seem you really had a great time...nice reading your post...

  7. What a great story! A hardware store/coffee shop combo, who'd have thought it possible?! :)

  8. Hi ECL, what a cool looking coffee bar. And oh my those desserts! I would've went straight for them too. :) Yum. Love the group shot.

    Have a wonderful weekend.

  9. I love coffee and cakes! But nowadays I don't drink coffee anymore. And I seldom eat cakes.

  10. Interesting... Must try it out one day. :)
    Mine is up too

  11. What a cool looking place! Thanks for sharing it with us. Happy New Year to you too!