Saturday, January 18, 2014

Chinatown Chinese New Year Street Bazaar 2014

auspicious festive ornaments for the Year of the Horse  

After a Bak Kut Teh dinner, my friends and I joined the jostling crowds to shop for festive goods at the Chinese New Year Street Bazaar in Chinatown.


Although it was a weekday night, the bazaar was packed with shoppers who were busy checking out and buying festive snacks and new products.


The waxed meats stall was crowded with buyers. I have reduced our consumption of waxed meats for health reasons, so I didn't buy any this time. My friends spent quite a lot buying these delicacies.


My girlfriends believe displaying pussy willows during the new year would invite abundant luck and prosperity into the home.

The citrus fruit "huang jing guo" (literally translated into golden fruit) is believed to bring luck and prosperity for the new year too. :)


There were not many interesting stalls at the bazaar this year. Surprised to see wedding planners and

We were offered samples of food and drinks as we moved among the stalls. There were many varieties of melon seeds and peanuts, we had fun trying every one of them. :D

Bought some pickled fruits, melon seeds and pomelos, these are must-haves for Chinese New Year celebrations.


Last stop before we called it a night, we bought "nian gao" (sticky cakes) at the famous Chinese pastry shop Chop Tai Chong Kok, which dates back to 1935.

I also bought a chestnut cake (S$8) for the elders to try. It is a new product for the lunar new year. Hope they like it.

Chinatown Chinese New Year Festive Street Bazaar
10 January 2014 - 30 January 2014


  1. You must be busy with CNY preparations now :)

    1. Yes, after spring cleaning, washing and shopping for ingredients for the CNY meals, it's now cooking and baking! :D

    2. Pineapple tarts, macadamia cookies, cranberry biscotti - they are my favourite snacks :)

    3. I didn't make a lot, just enough to serve my guests who are visiting during CNY. When we have a chance to meet up, I will make some cookies for you to try :)

  2. Such colorful captures. Love the festive mood in the shots.

    1. The Lunar New Year has a rich cultural meaning and a long history, it's the most important traditional festival for the Chinese.

  3. wow, so many questions: Waxed meats? I do not think i have ever heard of this and must look it up.
    Did you know that you are second in a Google search for Chinese new year?
    The fruits look wonderful, do you have kumquats there? One of my favorite Christmas fruits, but a candy them and have them all year!

    1. I should put up more photos of the waxed meats that are sold in Chinatown now.

      Second in a Google search for Chinese new year!? That is good news.

      Yes, lots of kumquats now. I just came back after a shopping trip at the nurseries. :)

      There are so many stuff I could do with kumquats.haha...

  4. ok, looked up waxed meat and found it is a process used all over the world - smoked meat and i admit to loving it!

    1. Delicious, aren't they? You would probably love the Chinese waxed meats on steamed rice.