Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Local Healing Plants - WW

Horse Grass马草

Here are a few of our local healing plants that I discover while travelling around our island. I have only tasted the stevia leaves and the horse grass drink.

A traditional cure for a diabetic, the Horse Grass is now found in Malaysia and Taiwan. We used to have a farm selling it but it closed down a few years ago.

Two glasses of the horse grass drink daily could control the levels of diabetic and high blood pressure. People with frequent headaches or constipation could try it.

Mas Cotek (Ficus Deltoidea)

It is used in traditional Malay healing preparations. As a drink, it is believed to be good for reducing blood sugar level, regulating blood pressure. It also reduces joints and nerves pains; cholesterol and removes toxins in our bodies. A local version of Viagra or Tongkat Ali. lol

Stevia - herbal sugar substistute

Participating in a heritage trail walk, the guide handed me a leaf to try. It was grown in the backyard of a Tiong Bahru resident who generously share her edible plants with her neighbours. Love the taste.

Edible stevia leaves can be dried or crushed to replace sugar in teas. It is calorie-free and a natural sweetener.

Tinospora crispa (L.) Miers 苦藤 (过江龙)

I saw an elderly lady selling these plants outside a Chinese temple. She told me this traditional Chinese herb is for the treatment of pains and has anti-inflammatory effects. A few elderly people bought from her.

One piece of the vine costs S$3. I didn't buy any to try. It's best that I consult a doctor before consuming these. :P

I went online to find its uses and this was what I found in a Chinese website.

苦藤 (过江龙) - 被認為有鎮痛消炎、清涼解毒的功用的苦藤,常被民眾切片煮水當茶飲。醫師提醒,有些人反而會造成肝功能異常。苦藤又称宽筋藤,在中医典籍记载为治疗阵痛、解热、消水肿、保肝、抗发炎功效;不过,除了有医学治疗疾病用途外,不当服用苦藤仍有可能伤肝,提醒民众不要过量使用,应先谘询中医师评估。


  1. Thank You for this lesson. Chinese Traditional Medicine is a gem of longevity

    ALOHA to YOU
    from Honolulu
    Comfort Spiral
    =^..^= <3

    1. Cloudia,
      Glad to have you back :)

      Traditional Chinese Medicine dates back more than 5000 thousands years, I prefer seeing a Chinese physician as TCM seeks the root cause within a pattern of imbalance.

  2. Replies
    1. I laughed too when I first saw it. They feed the horses with this plant.

  3. I know stevia - very famous, good as a substitute for sugar : )

    1. Only heard about it recently. The leaves taste sweet. Amazing.

  4. What a useful walk you had to be able to see and lern about these herbs :)

    1. There are lots to learn as I travel around my little island or to another country. I am always learning new things. :)

  5. One piece of the vine costs S$3 <<<< Gosh! She must be a millionaire! LOL!

    1. How could she be a millionaire? :)

      Not many Singaporeans, including me, know this plant. The older Singaporeans who know how to prepare this, probably plant this at home or know where to get it. She can't sell much in a day. She had around 20 pieces and during the 2 hours I was at the temple, she didn't manage to sell many.

  6. Interesting. I have some herbs in my garden. They are bassils, palserly and mints. :D

  7. Very interesting post ECL. Thank you. I am interested in the healing properties of plants and flowers. I cannot take any of the cold and flu medications so I use traditional teas and herbs for a lot of things. Spices can be very healing too :)

  8. Some plants are really efficient in healing. My friend Ilona only takes homeopathic medications and knows a lot of healing plants.
    I now know exactly what the Chinese lady was selling ! Thanks for this explanation, lol !

  9. I'm impressed with your knowledge of botany. Thanks for sharing and for your comment on my blog.