Tuesday, December 24, 2013

Christmas Snow in Tropical Singapore

Tanglin Mall's Christmas Wonderland

Last Sunday, a church friend requested for my assistance to bring a group of 30 children from low-income families to see the amazing festive light-up that takes place annually on Orchard Road.

Together with another 9 volunteers, we chartered a bus to send us to Tanglin Mall at 7 pm. We told the bus driver to pick us up outside Ion Orchard at 10.30 pm.

Tanglin Mall's annual Christmas wonderland was a pretty spectacular sight with the majestic carriage, horses and lovely reindeers. The children were shrieking with delight when they saw the magical set-up before them.


Each volunteer was responsible for taking care of 3 children. The groups gathered around a giant Christmas tree and waited for the avalanches and snow. I took many pictures of my 3 charges as they posed with the Christmas decorations.

There were large crowds of locals, expatriates and foreign visitors inside and outside the mall. Watching my charges like a hawk, I have to make sure they didn't wander away and that they didn't get hurt unnecessarily.


When the "snow" drifted down, the children and adults couldn't help screaming. They tried to catch the "snowflakes".

The children were having tremendous fun frolicking in the soapy "snow". It went on for half an hour. I was thinking this must be Singapore's largest outdoor bubble bath ..... LOL.
Washing off the soapy snow  

The children were reluctant to leave when it ended. They pleaded with us to wait for the second session. Since we needed time to get the 30 kids to change into dry clothings and walk to the next venue, we have to disappoint them.

We bought each kid a cup of hot chocolate and a chocolate muffin before marching them off to Ion Orchard. It proved to be a tough feat because there were too many people on Orchard Road that night. :)

We took more photos of the children enjoying themselves in festive Orchard Road. Every one sat down to a yummy burger set before the bus came to fetch us back to church. The children were still energetic and in high spirits when we were in the bus, I was too exhausted. :)

Merry Christmas to everyone!!


  1. So tiny your pics ho ho ho! Wishing you and your family a wonderful Christmas with lots of good food and merry times! :)

  2. Outdoor bubble bath, def one for the kids ... and adults! ;)

  3. Merry Xmas and happy holiday to you and family, ECL!

  4. Can you believe North Idaho up by Canada isn't having much of a white Christmas...EggNog is on

  5. Christmas will not be complete without snow. Ha :D

  6. What a marvelous and magical Christmas for the children!

  7. I'm sure that meant a lot to the kids. Blessings.


  8. Merry Christmas. The volunteres sound very good