Friday, October 25, 2013

Old Friends, New Friends - PhotoHunt

PhotoHunt theme : Figurines/Stir

These porcelain figurines are a wedding present from a good friend who bought them during a trip in Japan. She has been staying in Holland for the past year and would be visiting me in Singapore for a weekend in November on the way home to Jakarta.

Time flies, our friendship spans more than 3 decades. The figurines have been with me for 23 years. :)


I stay in touch with old friends while still making new ones.

At a cooking class which I attended, I made friend with a young lady who has been attending cooking lessons at community centres in preparation for her marriage. A complete novice when it comes to cooking, she wanted to impress her in-laws.


We were learning to cook local spicy dishes.The dishes taught at this particular class were not really designed for novices. Fortunately for my young friend, there were many seniors who gave her good tips on cooking. :)


The instructor taught us to make sauces from scratch and demonstrated how using traditional and modern kitchen equipment could improve the tastes of our dishes.

One of the ladies volunteered to keep stirring the pot of ingredients to prevent burning. We learnt three yummy dishes that day.

My young friend and I have signed up for a lesson on how to whip up our very own Christmas feast from scratch taught by a top hotel chef. Our families can look forward to a sumptuous Christmas feast. :)


  1. Local spicy dishes look yummy. I like hot dish like a curry rice. :D

    1. My son loves Japanese curry rice. :)

      I am not a fan of spicy dishes but because my family members love eating spicy food, I attended the class to learn how to prepare the sauces and pastes. :)

  2. Replies
    1. Great! You will enjoy our local dishes when you visit me in Singapore. :)

  3. oh the figurines are so beautiful. i did shadow instead because i didn't realize that gattina changed the theme for this week.

    1. We had 'shadow' for Photohunt theme many months back, so she changed it.

      Figurines are made in Japan.

  4. Lovely way to combine the two themes!

    Re the figurines: funny but they're not of images I'd associate with Japan!

    On a different note: I recently viewed Singaporean filmmaker Anthony Chen's "Ilo Ilo" and really liked it a lot. Have you seen it? If not, highly recommend it! :)

    1. Yes, on the bottom of the figurines read 'Made in Japan, Eiho Grade A. They don't look Japanese to me either. :)

      Glad you like Anthony Chen's "Ilo Ilo". I have yet to watch it. Friends who have watched this award winning movie recommended it too. I am going to watch this.

  5. I wanna attend the cooking class too! Get to play along with aunties LOL :P

  6. Lots of stirring there - it looks like a fun class!

    Great shots for this week's theme.

    Have a super weekend.

  7. Hi ECL, the figurines are a lovely wedding gift. It's nice to have them a wonderful reminders of special occassions and special friends. I think the cooking class is very cool. And your family and friends will be very lucky this Christmas to feast on your delicious dinners.

    Have a wonderful weekend.

  8. I would love a cooking lesson on specialty foods... that looks great!
    (and it sounds like you are stirring up a party for Christmas!)

  9. this is such a spontaneous post depicting the two themes. bravo, ECL!

  10. Calling by from Saturday's Photo Hunting Challenge as another participant, what lovely figurines your friend gave you.