Sunday, October 20, 2013

LEGOLAND® Water Park Media Friends and Family Preview Day

Malaysia's LEGOLAND Water Park 

Malaysia's LEGOLAND® Water Park opens to the public officially on 21st October 2013.

On Saturday, I was invited to an exclusive preview to the largest LEGOLAND Water Park in the world and the only one which can be enjoyed either on its own as a stand-alone attraction or in combination with the Theme Park.


Tunku Dato’ Ahmad Burhanuddin (Managing Director and CEO of Themed Attractions and Resorts Sdn. Bhd), John Jakobsen (Managing Director of LEGOLAND Parks for Merlin Entertainments), Siegfried Boerst (General Manager of LEGOLAND Malaysia Resort) at the media briefing.

The Water Park contains over 3 million litres of water and has more than 20 unique water based rides and over 70 LEGO® models in a fully LEGO themed environment.

The Water Park’s highlights include Build-A-Raft River and the Joker Soaker. The Build-A-Raft River is a unique concept where children can customise their own raft with LEGO soft bricks before floating down a lazy river.

Joker Soaker

The Joker Soaker is a fun interactive play structure where children can aim water cannons at one another. The extra surprise to the Joker Soaker is when a giant bucket pours 350 gallons of water into the wade pool below.


Twin Chaser - Two side-by-side enclosed red tubes slides that stretch nearly 130 feet and pour into a wading area below. 


Red Rush - A family tube slide where up to four people can ride together down a 312-foot-long curving track on an 11-foot in diameter half pipe.


LEGO® Slide Racers - Race down the slides with 5 others on a mat and see who reached the fastest. A thrilling ride for the whole family.


Brick Bay Cafe's Menu - mainly serving sandwiches and light meals


Beach 'N' Brick Grill - main restaurant serving a mix of Asian and Western meals. I had the set meal of Nasi Lemak with Roasted Chicken, a cup of iced lemon tea and a slice of honeydew for RM25. But I preferred my husband's order of Roasted Chicken with BBQ sauce. :P

There are not enough seats for diners at the two eateries to eat comfortably. Then there are the flies which are so annoying. Diners have to keep chasing the 'commando-trained' flies away as we ate.  -_-

I was melting under the scorching sun as there was a lack of shelters in this water park. Later it poured and again there were not enough places to seek shelter. Do come prepared for the unpredictable weather, bring umbrella, hats, sunglasses and raincoats.

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  1. interesting combination - waterpark and legoland. :)

  2. Hi,
    Thank you for stopping by my blog.
    What a fun place! Legoland has a creative fun park that I am sure the kids (and yes, the big kids) love! :)

  3. Yeah...I heard from my friend that there aren't enough shelter-greenery etc. :/

  4. It's a perfect place. My daughters will be scared to the tube slide but they will play LEGO. :D

  5. Wah memang fun, wish i could join too T.T

  6. gosh you are so lucky! wish can say the same for me

  7. This is the main problem with Legoland Malaysia - no shelter from the hot sun and the rain. They should seriously do something about it!

  8. wow it sure looks like a fun place to be! :D