Sunday, July 14, 2013

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deshipao spa 2

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A few weeks ago, I was in Shenzhen (China) with some friends. I contacted a Chinese friend to recommend a good spa. This billionaire friend was in Italy with his family so he sent his driver who brought us to a 5-star luxury spa. I was extremely worried when I had a glimpse of the prices for the various services.

I don't live a flamboyant lifestyle and my friends from Singapore probably would have no idea what a flamboyant lifestyle is like in China. It was an eye-opener.

Deshibao spa

This 25000-square metre spa occupies a eight-storey Neoclassical mansion which has incredible interior design. This exclusive spa caters to the super rich. We saw many Porsche, Mercedes Benz and Rolls Royce parked in front of the building. Many wealthy businessmen bring their clients and family here to de-stress.

Besides a huge outdoor swimming pool, there are jacuzzi and indoor pools for both men and ladies. There are many attendants to help you scrub backs and serve you hand and foot. I was not used to such attention.

a traditional Chinese pedicure and foot reflexology

We had full body massages which cost from RMB298 to RMB1988. One friend tried the traditional Chinese pedicure and foot reflexology.What shocked us was besides the package prices, we were compelled to give tips from RMB50 to RMB500 to the masseuses. The total bill came up to more than RMB5800+ for 5 massages!!

1USD = RMB6.14

my work space for two months before I left 

I was told to move to this tiny table space (The Macintosh and desk-top computer were other colleagues'.) to work two months before I left. Assistant Director tried to pacify me by saying, "I am not ostracising you.". Yep..... so she and her gang didn't mean to hide behind the pillar with the Executive Director and his wife when tea break was delayed at one conference.

Glad to leave an office full of politics, hypocrites and bullies.


  1. No use to work in such flamboyance if the people aren't nice to each other.


    You sure had some pampering at the spa ECL!

    1. Didn't enjoy the pampering because I was worried about the bill. LOL

  2. Flamboyant bill to say the least... :)

  3. The spa looks very fun. We like hot spa (we call it "Onsen" in Japanese.) There are many hot spas in each areas.

    1. Yes, heard so much about the hot spas in Japan! Would love to visit the onsens in Japan!!

  4. Even in communism not all people are equal, lol !

    Your working space was rather an open spare corner !

  5. Sorry about *both* of your unpleasant experiences. Live and learn, right? And here's wishing you better luck at your next work place!

  6. Wow! What a place. I am not used to that type of lifestyle either. I wouldn't mind it once in a while but honestly, I'm not sure I could get used to it...I guess I could try though, if I had to. I don't like being in office politics.

  7. Eek, sounds like you deserved some pampering after that job.

  8. Hi ECL, it's nice to get a little pampering every now and then.

    Hope you had a wonderful weekend.

  9. Glad you left that workplace.
    In a spa with those prices I would get stressed out! lol!

  10. oh, the corporate world! i guess when we all share our experiences in the office with these people and with office politics, one book is not enough ha ha there are so many a** holes these days!

    that spa place sure is flamboyant! i have not been in a spa and i am planning to experience it within the year *fingers crossing*

  11. wow, that's a nice place. I don't mind working in such place.

  12. oh nice to get a body massage at a luxurious spa! it looks amazing!! :)