Friday, June 21, 2013

Peranakan Museum Singapore - PhotoHunt


PhotoHunt theme : Sculptures/ Daydream

Brought an overseas friend and her young son to the Peranakan Museum. Being fairly keen museum visitors, they really enjoyed this museum which gives an insight on the Peranakan history and culture.

Don't miss the ACM Cat on the front steps of the Peranakan Museum. I noticed many visitors were rather fascinated by it too. :)

watching a short documentary on the Peranakan communities   

There are different galleries where the exhibits are organised by themes. Visitors learn about their traditional weddings, birth, religion, death, food, kitchens and pottery. Pastimes like beadwork, jewellery and a display of beautifully embroidered kebayas were my friend's favourite. She spent a long time recording each exhibit with her camera. Meanwhile the interactive displays helped her young son to maintain interest in the numerous displays.


The ornately decorated Peranakan wedding chamber captivated my friend. I wonder if the young Nonyas can only daydream of a traditional wedding these days. Where are they going to find these beautiful antiques?  

My dear friend was busy scribbling notes while the museum guide offered interesting stories on the wedding customs of the Peranakans. :)


The traditional Peranakan Nonya Kebaya - take note of the intricate and beautiful embroidery done by the ladies.


I recommend waiting for a guide when you visit because they bring the exhibits alive and explain the history of the museum and artefacts which visitors would not get if they just walked around on their own.

Peranakan Museum
39 Armenian Street, Singapore 179941.
Opening hours are:
Monday to Sunday 10am to 7pm
Friday 10am to 9pm
Individual entrance fee : $6
Singapore citizens and permanent residents enjoy free entry


  1. What an interesting museum. Thanks for sharing. :D

  2. Love those robes!! fascinating museum, ECL. Happy weekend


  3. This some time museum worker thanks you for devoting consecutive Photo Hunts to pics of museums and their exhibits... ;b

  4. i love nyonya kebaya and cuisine. There's a Peranakan museum in Penang too but I've yet to visit it.

  5. embroidery seem to be coming back. I just bought a set pillow cases. I know I would enjoy the museum as well.

    Coffee is on

  6. I also really love museums. Great post! The cat sculpture is too cute :)