Friday, February 15, 2013

Mountbatten Grassroot Leaders Chinese New Year Dinner - PhotoHunt

PhotoHunt Theme : Miniscule/Favourite Food

We are still celebrating Chinese New Year in Singapore. We attended  a Chinese New Year dinner that adviser to Mountbatten Grassroots Organisations Mr Lim Biow Chuan hosted, to thank his grassroot leaders and their spouses. All the grassroot leaders are volunteers and they have put in much hard work during the year,

Tossing for good fortune

Before dinner, there was a tossing of yu sheng (a colourful Chinese-style raw fish salad which is popular in Singapore). It is my favourite dish during Chinese New Year. Every ingredient in this dish is auspicious, I just love the taste of them mixed together.


Singapore is a multi-racial society, we have friends of different races joining us in our Chinese New Year celebrations. They had fun tossing yu sheng too.


The organisers lined up several interesting and entertaining performances for the guests. 'God of Fortune' dropped in and performed a Gangnam-style dance. LOL


At the end of the dinner, each of us received a good luck gold packet. I am slightly disappointed that the two miniscule coins were not real gold coins but chocolates. Hope that I would have Good Luck and strike lottery with the 4 lucky digits. :D


  1. Happy New Year ECL!!! The dinner looks yummy :)

  2. Haha!! I also received angpow packets where inside were chocolates! Huge disappointment! LOL!

  3. Enjoyed yu sheng! Eat it almost everyday! : D

    1. I love yu sheng but have to eat less because of diet. :P

  4. Happy Chinese New Year. Hope the year of the water snake would be very plentiful.

  5. Sound yummy and fun...good luck on is on.

  6. Yu sheng -- that's yee sang in Mandarin, right? :b

  7. I enjoyed this post. The salad sounds so good. Happy New Year to you!

  8. Hi ECL, your dish looks so delicious and colorful and that's pretty cool how everyone gets their chopsticks in to mix it. Hope you won the lottery!

    Have a wonderful weekend.

  9. Oh me too, love Yee Sang and happy I got to have one YS session this year, yummy! :)

  10. Don't forget me when you strike rich one day he he.... Happy Thursday dear, am off to zzzzz shortly... later wake up.. cook! :)