Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Cloud Forest @ Gardens By The Bay - WW

a mysterious world veiled in mist 

After visiting the Flower Dome, we proceeded to Cloud Forest through a side entrance. Greeting us was a 35-metre tall mountain covered in lush vegetation shrouding the world’s tallest indoor waterfall. It was a spectacular sight!

This waterfall showcases plant life from tropical highlands up to 2,000-metres above sea level. High in tropical mountains, these plants would absorb the abundant rainfall, releasing the water gradually to create a constant, long-lasting supply for the land beneath them – supporting even more plants!


The densely planted 'mountain' has a mixture of fascinating orchids, delicate ferns, colourful bromeliads, dazzling begonias and menacing carnivorous pitcher plants. All of these are epiphytic and live on top of other plants in nature, requiring little substrate and are perfectly adapted for growing on vertical walls.


As we descended from the mountaintop via two walkways in the clouds, we took in the aerial view of the canopy and mountainside below. It was an incredible sensation walking on the suspended walkway. I was a little fearful and tried not to look down.

I tread carefully as I took photos for my superiors and a loving couple. The photos turned out incredibly beautiful. Some photos seemed to show us as if we are inside an UFO.

I can't upload the photos here as I do not have the permission of the subjects. I will return to shoot my personal photos. Must take pains to dress up for the photo shoot. :D   


We learn about unique biodiversity and geology of cloud forests and the environmental threats they face within the nine unique zones in this cool-moist Conservatory.


We also stopped by the Black Box and learnt about self-sustainability at Gardens by the Bay. The numerous ecological functions of our Supertrees, like capturing solar energy and serving as exhausts while supporting a green living skin was an eye-opener. It was an interesting find how Singapore’s parks and gardens provide discarded plant matter as fuel for a biomass furnace that provides energy to cool the air in both conservatories.

In September 2012, Prince William and Catherine visited Gardens by the Bay when they visited Singapore as part of a tour marking the Queen's Diamond Jubilee.

Hours: Opens 9:00 AM - 9:00 PM daily
Last ticket sale at 8:00 PM daily
Last admission at 8:30 PM daily

Local Resident Admission:
Adult $12
Senior Citizen* $8
Child** $8

Local Resident Admission (includes entry to Flower Dome):
Adult $20
Senior Citizen* $15
Child** $12

Standard Admission (includes entry to Flower Dome):
Adult $28
Senior Citizen* $28
Child** $15
* Senior Citizen (≥ 60 years old)
** Child (3 – 12 years old)

Ticketing Hub: Opens 9:00 AM - 8:00 PM daily


  1. Oh awesome & lovely to be inside Cloud Forest giving me the 'Avatar' feeling of the greens and agree sort of inside an UFO too. Must be full of ion there with the waterfall & greens. Great they have senior citizen rates for the entrance ticket. Btw what is the age for senior citizen in S'pore?. tQ

    1. I didn't know what I missed when I skipped Cloud Forest on my first two visits. The waterfall took my breath away. Learning about the plant life on tropical highlands is interesting.

      Strolling in the Cloud Forest gives me an experience as if I was like in a different world. Love the misty environment and cool temperature.

      The conservatory is truly an amazing architecture.

      Senior Citizen (≥ 60 years old)

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    1. Hi Danica,
      Yes, please do come visit and take some beautiful photos.

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    1. Yes it is!

      LOL at your heart attack moment when you discovered the towel figure.

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    1. Now you have seen the world's tallest indoor waterfall and the impressive architecture of the conservatory. :)

  5. Wow! I love the feel of the place just looking at your photos! Amazing waterfall!

    1. Lina, hope you put it on your visit list when you come to Singapore.

  6. This looks like a fabulous place. Thanks for posting and stopping by my site.

  7. Wow that is absolutely incredible, I had no idea such a lace existed. I would LOVE to be able to visit it one day. Simply outstanding. Thanks so much for sharing these very cool photographs of far away places.

    1. Sukhmandir, hope you will visit Singapore one day and discover the amazing sights and warm people of this little island.

  8. Your pics makes me want to go!

    Please join me at Wordless Wednesday Bloggers at and share your photo.

  9. Looks like an awesome place to visit! Thanks for the interesting visual tour!

    Have a nice day!

    1. Hi Veronica, thanks for stopping by. Hope you will keep this awesome place in mind and visit Singapore one day.

  10. I love visiting greenhouses and conservatories but I've never seen anything like this one. Amazing place! Thanks for the tour.

    1. Sallie,
      You're welcomed! Glad you enjoy the tour.

      The Singapore government wants to transform Singapore from a "Garden City" to a "City in a Garden". We aim to raise the quality of life by enhancing greenery and flora in the city. The Gardens have been designed with the environment in mind, adopting environmentally sustainable technologies. In particular, the cooled conservatories are intended to be a statement in sustainable engineering and energy efficiency.

  11. What a beautiful place to visit. Thanks for the tour. :)

    Hope you'll find time to visit my Cat Whiskers.

  12. So did u get to meet the royal couple when they were down in Sing? :)

  13. Cloud Forest sure sounds fluffy and magical he he! :)