Friday, October 05, 2012

Old Hand in the Kitchen - PhotoHunt

PhotoHunt theme : Kitchen/Hand

a kitchen from the past

Some time ago, I posted an article on servants in olden days. To make it more realistic and also show our modern youth what it was like in the old days, I went to a museum for the photo shoot.

The servants (past and present) in wealthy households worked very long days, with little or no time off, and received very little salary.

If there were many family members in the household, the cook was usually kept very busy in the kitchen. With no modern equipment or electrical appliances to help her, meal times took long hours to prepare. Ingredients had to be cleaned and cut. Sauces were made from scratch. With no freezers, some meats had to be preserved and properly stored.

There would be other servants who did the cleaning and the washing.

By the time they sat down for their dinner, they would be dead tired and left with scraps from the masters' table. :(


I have been watching too many TV dramas, I think I posed with all the coolness of an old hand. hahaha....

I had lots of fun when I first started blogging. Now with a job, there is hardly time for outdoor photography. *pouts*    


  1. her outfits are nice, get urself one ? ;)

  2. It could be worse -- at least you have a job and you're not a servant in somebody's kitchen ;>)!

  3. ECL!

    You are a natural actress!

    Love all the photos.

    I remember you psoted this up before. Or was it a different place? Seemed to remember you wearing a white baju. ;)

  4. Those were hard times! very interesting take on the themes, ECL. Enjoy your weekend.

    hand ~kitchen

  5. unfortunately many still suffer unfairly when they work as domestic helpers. but i could imagine the challenges of cooking in the old days, we're so used to our modern appliances in our kitchen these days that we feel like we could fix a dinner with just one hand.

  6. hahaha u should go and become an actress..happy weekend ECL! :D

  7. Wow, that's you in the picture? You look like a professional actress? :D

  8. Ken,
    I hired the outfit from a costume rental company for this photo shoot. :P

  9. Sallie,
    I have a job plus I am a 24-hour on-call, unpaid servant to my family. :(

  10. Lina,
    Yes, I was dressed in a white and black maid's uniform then. Good memory, still can remember that post. :P

  11. Mar,
    Our grandparents and parents went through hard times indeed. Life was better from my generation onwards.

  12. ewok1993,
    Some things don't change even as our society progresses and people become more educated. There are still a few cases of maid abuses in Singapore as well.

    Glad I was able to get hired help when my son was very young. These days it is much harder for young couples to get hired help.

  13. Monica,
    hahaha.... just for fun lah.... don't like the irregular hours an actress has to go through.

  14. YTSL,
    hahaha.... that's me. Cool, right? It was fun posing for these photos but might not be as fun if I turned 'calefare'. :P

  15. My apologies for not visiting my fellow photohunters earlier, I was busy working on my son's 21st birthday party. It was meant to be a surprise and we did it!! Yeah!

  16. Hi ECL, very cool photos and perfect for this week's dual theme. Watching and hearing about how they did it in the old days, makes me feel a tad guilty about being too lazy to cook some days. :)

    Big Happy Belated Birthday wishes to your son. You look way too young to have a 21 year old. I'm sure that you are very proud of him. He's a very handsome young man.

  17. Great pics for the theme! Thank goodness for modern appliances and kitchens :)

  18. What great pics and such a wonderful way of showing history.