Monday, October 01, 2012

Mid Autumn Festival@Clark Quay 2012

We brought 2 mainland Chinese families to Clark Quay for the Mid Autumn Festival celebrations. We had dinner in Chinatown first. My guests were delighted to see the whole stretch of Chinatown enlivened with bright vibrant lanterns designed in line with the colours of mid-Autumn.

After dinner, we strolled to Clarke Quay where giant lanterns lined the promenade in this Mid-Autumn Festival by the River celebrations. My excited friends joined the crowds, queuing to pose for pictures with lanterns modelled after the 12 animals in the Chinese zodiac.

We were so engrossed with the photo-taking that the kids missed the mass lantern walk. Oops.

Since we had already purchased several adorable lanterns, we lit them up and let the kids led the way with the lanterns.

Lantern of Dumpling Festival, also known as Dragonboat Festival

lantern depicting Chinese New Year

All the beautiful lanterns were created by master craftsmen from Guizhou, China. Giant lanterns depicting the main Chinese festivals were floating on the river.

Giants lanterns in Chinatown

The adults had fun participating in activities such as guessing the riddles  They won many prizes because the riddles were too easy for them!

There was a festive bazaar with many food stalls selling delicacies from Guizhou. We didn't join the queues because we were not hungry. We bought mooncakes with unique flavours for our friends who couldn't wait to enjoy them by the river.

The moon was unusually beautiful that night ......


  1. wenn,
    Yes, it was. Looked stunning with the lit lanterns lining the river and Clark Quay promenade.

  2. Bananaz,
    Thank. We were celebrating the festival under the same beautiful moon albeit in two different countries. :)

  3. I wished I could have been there life ! It looks so colorful and funny !

  4. The pictures are so colourful..Glad you enjoyed the event..EC is gone and its hard without the dropper widget but I will visit your blog for sure..:)

  5. I was fascinated with those lanterns. How I wish I could be there in person. Thanks for sharing your wonderful photos.

    Grandma's Goulash

  6. How festive! We had similar lantern displays here during Christmas. Sounds like your friends had a good time.

  7. Beautiful lighted floats! Such a colorful and festive celebration! Great night-time shots, too!

    Thank you so much for coming by my blog and commenting on the Space Shuttle post. Hope you are having a great week!