Saturday, August 11, 2012

Unforgettable Plane and Train Trips - PhotoHunt

PhotoHunt theme : Planes and Trains/Numb

Boarding our colourful plane to Bali

My unforgettable overseas trips.

My first trip to Bali via Bandung. The tiny Bandung airport was holding an Air Show which caused a massive traffic jam. We were stuck in the jam for 2 hours when normally it would take just 20 minutes to get to the airport by car.

Most of the passengers arrived at the airport more than an hour late. It was pouring cats and dogs too, thus some flights were delayed. Luckily our plane was waiting for us. We were able to board the flight to Bali. A plane crashed into the runway an hour after we left, killing the pilot.

Amazing Indonesia. :D

Taiwan Bullet train (Taiwan High Speed Rail)

My first ride on a bullet train from Taipei to Kaohsiung. The bullet train was travelling at a speed around 300km/h. Kaohsiung is 345km (220 mile) from Taipei. We reached Kaohsiung in an hour plus. Oh Boy, I was glad my bum wasn't numb from all that sitting. :D

The HSR is amazingly fast, affordable and comfortable.

mobile snack cart on the bullet train

I rarely have the chance to travel by train for long distances in Singapore, in order to have a memorable journey I simply follow the locals - buy a drink and a snack from the mobile snack cart lady. Oh, and I also bought a lunchbox  (火车便当) ;)


  1. You were lucky you flew off earlier ECL otherwise who knows what would happened if you were flying off an hour later! @.@

  2. Lina,
    Phewwww! The moment we landed at Bali airport and connected to our mobile phones, they were full of missed calls from our Indonesian friends and my students, checking if we were safe. :P

    Then in Bali that day, there were gunshots heard because the police killed some kidnappers. -_-

  3. What an experience to travel in a bullet train! I don't enjoy planes in bad weather conditions, you were lucky!

    Happy weekend, and yes: hope a plane will bring you over here to have a meet up someday :)

    numb ~ airplane

  4. Yikes re your Indonesian tales! Indonesia and the Philippines, BTW, are the only countries in the world that my father has forbidden me to travel to...

    Re trains in Singapore: what, you don't use the MRT? ;b

  5. The train looks like the Eurostar which also runs at 300km/h ! The cows are flying by !

  6. Weather can be a big issue with plane travel. Terrible about the crash on the runway.

  7. I enjoyed reading about your travels and seeing your photos!

  8. Mar,
    My first ride on a bullet train and it was comfortable and efficient. I want to try the ones in Japan and Europe.

  9. YTSL,
    Indonesia and the Philippines have some very beautiful, unspoilt places of interest. Transport is a problem sometimes.

    I seldom take our MRT and I don't consider it a train. It takes me half an hour to get from East to West of Singapore and I'm not travelling a bullet train .... my island is tiny. :)

  10. Gattina,
    LOL at the cows flying by. hmmmm.... I think they might be from the same bullet train manufacturer.

  11. Carver,
    It was scary taking a plane during a heavy downpour. I could see the lightning flashing so close outside my window.

  12. wenn,
    Must go Bali once in your lifetime! It's so fascinating!

  13. Hi ECL, wow your Bali trip was quite an ordeal. Glad that you got out safely. Your train ride on the otherhand looked more inviting especially with the snack tray.

    A wonderful photo collection and take on this week's dual theme. Have a wonderful weekend.

  14. I would love to ride on train like that. Heck I never been in subway I guess that one get for living in a small town...Thanks for stopping in and coffee is on.

  15. I always wonder how your heart reacts to the speed of the bullet train.