Saturday, July 28, 2012

LEGOLAND® Malaysia Exclusive Preview - PhotoHunt

PhotoHunt theme - Paintings/Joker

Entrance to LEGOLAND Malaysia

The media was treated to rides and a tour before the official opening of LEGOLAND Malaysia on 15 September 2012. This is my 4th visit to the site. It is so amazing to see a piece of barren land transforming into an exciting theme park. I can't wait for its official opening day!

The park is almost 90% completed. Lots of paintings, testing of rides and installing the LEGO models were seen at the site.

It was an extremely hot afternoon but when I saw the beautiful LEGO models (50 thousand of them!) scattered all over the park, I couldn't help snapping photo after photo.

LEGO fans like my son would go bananas over this theme park! It's divided into 7 sections: The Beginning, Lego City, Miniland, Land of Adventure, Imagination, Technic and Lego Kingdoms.
The entrance archway will be the first thing visitors see upon arriving at the park. Inside the theme park, there will be more than 40 rides, shows and attractions to enjoy.

Patrick bringing us on a tour of Miniland

We were given an exclusive preview of Miniland which recreates cities made entirely from LEGO bricks. Patrick De Maria, Miniland Project Lead at LEGOLAND, showed us around. I was awed by the LEGO models. So amazing that iconic landmarks can be recreated using LEGO bricks.

The Singapore Flyer, a great challenge and a must-see, imagine building something perfectly round out of rectangular bricks. And if that sounds easy, try building it to scale and then wiring it to make it move like the real thing!

A LEGO model of Albert Einstein 

True to the LEGO spirit of fun and entertainment, those with a sense of humour will also discover funny stories dotted all over the cities. No sight of Joker though. :P

The whole of Miniland is animated, guests can bring the models to life with a simple press of buttons.

I had rides on the mini rollercoaster and the Aquazone Wave Racers where I got to power-ski across the water, surfing the waves. The hosts were kind enough not to let me dodge jets of water though. :D

Other rides include Project X, the high-speed coaster that is 18m high and leads guests along a steep switchback track with lots of sharp bends. I wouldn't dare to try this. :P

The Technic Twister, it made me dizzy just looking at it because one whirls around in colourful LEGO pods using a hand-wheel to control how fast they spin.

For the kids, they can get a bird's eye view before they drop and pull themselves back up on the Kid's Power Tower.

Kid's Playground

LEGOLAND Malaysia expects to sell 50,000 annual passes this weekend. For ticketing details and to purchases annual passes, please visit the LEGOLAND Malaysia website at


  1. You've been there *four* times already? No joke?! ;D

  2. Oh! It's almost completed! I wanna visit Legoland!

  3. Would be nice to see famous landmarks and buildings built using Lego bricks! : )

  4. YTSL,
    Yes, 4 times even before it opens. Not joking. :D

    Waiting for the opening of its door to the public.

  5. foongpc,
    It's opening on 15 September.

    It's worth a visit just to see the LEGO models. They are simply amazing.

  6. Looks like a lot of fun!!!

    Mine is up.

  7. Very cool. I'd love to visit a Legoland!

  8. I have never been in a Legoland, near Stonehenge was also a Legoland ! I wait until my little grandson is older !

  9. Wow that place is really awesome..Thanks for visiting...

  10. I don't see Lego Land coming anytime to the area I live in. I live on a gravel road not much traffic here.
    Both of son our in there 20's and bought them a set of lego for Christmas and they still enjoy them.
    As for painting I might try to get one done. I could even do something free hand. I have to confess I'd be a little rusting. Thanks for stop in earlier.

  11. Hi ECL, I used to play with Legos growing up and enjoyed them. I'm pretty certain I would still enjoy them as an adult if I visit this park. Looks like a lot of fun!

    Thanks for sharing your photos. A great take on the dual theme for the week. Have a great weekend.

  12. This is a cool idea for a theme park. I bet all kids would love it!

  13. You are so lucky to get the chance.

    How many times do you think you'll visit after it opens? :P

  14. What a fun place! I am glad to see Legoland is opening in different parts of the world. I like the Lego of the Petronas Towers.

  15. got the chance to see them before us..I must see them when it's officially opened.

  16. i can't wait to visit Legoland. it will be a great favourite for my kids.