Saturday, July 14, 2012

Dance and Make Merry, Grandma and Grandpa! - PhotoHunt

PhotoHunt theme : Dance/ Metal

Doing the Elephant Dance

Attended an event near my apartment where many elderly residents had a day of fun participating in the various activities and competitions specially organised for them.They sang and danced for their families.

The grandchildren were especially tickled seeing their sporty grandparents get thier faces covered in flour in one particular game.

Go Grandpa Go!!

Grandmas burying their faces into a metal tray of flour. They have to search for a candy buried in the flour. :)


  1. wah, u go and join those elder residents events ar, geng geng LOL :P

  2. wenn,
    Yes, they enjoyed themselves tremendously and it seemed like they were being young again. :)

  3. Ken,
    Yalor, preparing for my retirement mah. Learning how to kill time. :D

  4. Those elderly folks seem young at heart! :)

  5. This week I'm not doing photo hunt I'm heading to a family reunion. Hopeful I can get some picture that I could use for next week photo hunt.
    It wonderful that older people are more is on.

  6. They are so active and sporting! :)

    I wish I am as lively as they are when I'm older. ;)

  7. wahh they're really active and enthusiastic despite their old age! :))

  8. wow the elderly can be so active too :D thumbs up!

    Latest: Moroccan Buffet

  9. Must be a nice activity for the elderly! : )