Wednesday, March 07, 2012

World Gourmet Series Awards of Excellence 2012

World Gourmet Summit 2012
Presents An Epicurean Adventure with
A Heritage of Flavour

Singapore's leading gastronomic event, the World Gourmet Summit 2012 will be held from 23rd April to 3rd May 2012.

Be dazzled by a stellar cast of Michelin-starred chefs, each with distinctive culinary styles, colorful personalities and exceptional cuisines. Gracing this gastronomic festival are wine masters who will offer guests a rare insight to the latest in wines.

World Gourmet Summit 2012 presents an international star-studded ensemble of chefs :

Celebrity Chef
Marco Pierre White, Knorr Brand Ambassador (UK)

Special Guest Chefs
Anatoly Komm,VARVARY (Russia)
Bruno Menard (France) - 3 Michelin stars
Ronny Emborg, AOC (Denmark) - 1 Michelin star

Dani García - 2 Michelin stars
Daniel Jordà
Fergus Henderson - 1 Michelin star
Ian Curley
Michel Sarran - 2 Michelin stars
Paco Roncero - 2 Michelin stars
Pedro Miguel Schiaffino - 1 Michelin star
Pietro D’Agostino
Vikas Khanna - 1 Michelin star

Special Guests
Annika Strebel
German Wine Queen

Javier de las Muelas

Lisa Perrotti-Brown
Master of Wine 

Awesome! I am hopelessly wishing to watch one of these talented guest chefs cook. It would be impossible for me, as a seat with any one of the chefs costs hundreds of dollars and each event would probably be sold out. I was told some diners flew from around the world just to have a taste of these chefs' cuisines.

Singapore talents showcasing their culinary skills alongside the master chefs :

Hosting Chefs
Douglas Tay
Jakob Esko
Janice Wong
Ken Ling
Kevin Cherkas
Ku Keung
Li Man
Lino Sauro
Lucas Glanville
Manjunath Mural
Susur Lee

The finalists for Awards of Excellence 2012, which recognises and motivates talents to excel in the F&B industry and promotes the appreciation of dining in Singapore and the region, were announced at a press conference on 6th March 2012.

Moving into it's 12th year, the World Gourmet Series Awards of Excellence has been instrumental to the advancement of the Singapore F&B industry.

To nurture the young and emerging food and beverage talent, 7 experiential scholarships and 2 educational scholarships will offer recipients the opportuity to explore the dynamic world of the F&B industry and to hone their skills through intensive hands-on practice in their relevant fields.

Check this World Gourmet Summit for the calendar of events.


  1. It would be nice to taste the dishes cooked by the famous chefs!

  2. If I could have gone there I would have stopped eating a month before !

  3. I would want to taste one time in my life something cooked for me by a famous chef! I can always dream!! Sounds a marvelous event in Singapore!