Thursday, March 15, 2012

Not Your Ordinary Shoes - PH

PhotoHunt theme : shoes/play

Did a murder take place? What happened to the rest of the body parts?


These are real shoes worn by Chinese women many years ago. As the age of five, the bones of their feet were broken to stop them from growing so they could fit into these shoes. Cruel. 

These are sandals worn by a devotee during Thaipusam, a Hindi festival.

Just as I don't understand why the devotee wants to wear these sandals and walked several kilometres in a procession, it puzzles me to see some women 'torturing' their feet by wearing high-heels daily. 

You definitely cannot wear these shoes to play outdoor games.

Why would anyone want to wear these shoes?  


  1. Yikes! I'll keep my low heels comfortable shoes thankyouverymuch.

    Have a terrific day. :)

  2. Wow...the first pair of "shoes" is really unique ler. :D

  3. I have the second pair of shoes before. It is sold in the old streets here in Malacca. :)

  4. those are really interesting shoes especially the nails one... i guess it wouldn't hurt as much because there are many nails in there for a foot, i bet it massages the foot.

  5. and often the feet just fell off when the woman got older. Fashion ! sometimes so stupid, remember the anorexic models ? Would be quiet original to wear the feet as slippers at home. Now I don't know which Photohunting you are participating, but mine has the "shoe" theme only next week. This week is "creative"

  6. the lotus shoes are very pretty but the pain must have been unbearable for those women during its heydays. No painkillers for them.

    btw, you are not alone in getting the wrong theme. some photohunters have gotten it wrong before too.

  7. I thought shoes was next week! No I would not want to wear these, but a great take on both themes :)

  8. good selection of i'm-not-wearing-any of those shoes. btw, next week's theme is shoes, hahaha.

    have a lovely weekend.

  9. A creative take on the "play" theme! Re the first pair of "shoes": guess they'd be perfect for Halloween or a costume party! :D

  10. Not even babies can fit into those shoes. So cruel back in those days. Those sandals look torturous. I wonder if men wear them too.

  11. I think wearing those tiny shoes is banned in China now.