Tuesday, March 13, 2012

No One Can Save Us Now! - RT

Melting Superman ....... No One Can Save Us Now

On our way to dinner one night,  we come across this cool large scale sculpture displayed on the front lawn of the Singapore Art Museum.

Initially we thought, "Oh dear, our hot weather in Singapore has caused it to melt!"

Upon careful inspection, we realised that it was created this way. This sculpture is fittingly entitled ‘No One Can Save Us Now’. It is created by Mojoko and Eric Foenander as part of the exhibition ‘The Singapore Show: Future Proof’. It took three people six weeks to create.

According to Mojoko, “it’s a comment on global warming. The fact that the superhero is melting gives us little hope for the future.”


  1. A thought provoking sculpture.

    It does looked like it melted due to Singapore's temp. ;p

  2. Great sculpture. I showed this to my son and he asked me this "why my friend is melting mommy?" lol!

  3. Superman will melt here, too...the heat is suffocating!

    re your question about the US Naval base in Subic---the Americans were gone after Mt. Pinatubo erupted in the late 90's. but there is still a US military presence in southern Philippines.

  4. So this is how it was created ...Mojoko is very creative .. Visiting here!

  5. That's one creative artwork! btw, that shop was in Chinatown, near the MRT exit, didn't know it sells fengshui items, I just like their display there.