Sunday, December 11, 2011

Lee Dong Wook & Kim Sun Ah 'Live' in Singapore - PH

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I was presented with two tickets to meet Korean actor Lee Dong Wook and actress Kim Sun Ah 'Live' in Singapore. They were here to promote their TV series, "Scent of a Woman".

On 5th December, together with more than 200 screaming K-drama fans, I attended the Meet and Greet session with the two stars at Avalon Marina Bay Sands.

The fans and I queued for more than two hours in the sun before the organisers allowed us into the club. Although the fans consisted mostly young girls, several elderly ladies were in the crowd too.

The fans rushed to stand as close as possible to the stage once the door opened. I found myself a seat after checking out the place and lo and behold! Both stars were centimetres away from me when they made their grand entrance. Woot!

Fortunately I wasn't with the crowd on the dance floor, the screams of the fans were deafening. And they were screaming like every few minutes.:P

Lee Dong Wook is really very charming and Kim Sun Ah is an extremely witty lady. To thank the fans, both sang a duet. There was an 'NG' because they were laughing uncontrollably.   

I watched the premiere of the TV romance series "Scent of a Woman" and like it immediately. It tells the story of Lee Yeon-jae (Kim Sun Ah) who finds out that she has cancer. With only six months to live, she tries to fulfill the things on her 'bucket list' before dying when she meets the handsome Kang Ji-wook (Lee Dong Wook). The two fall in love and I fall apart every time I watch their sad romance.

Both stars left for Malaysia the next day to continue their promotion of their TV series.

I have particpated regularly in the weekly PhotoHunt meme since 2007. I had fun and enjoyed reading the posts of my PH friends.


  1. Are you kidding me?? I'm a huge fan of Lee Dong Wook since "My Girl" came out and Kim Sun Ah is brilliant in anything esp Kim Sam Soon! You are sooo lucky! Would love to trade places with you, girl! Wooohooo!

  2. Wah, I'm sure my SIL and her daughter would have loved to attend this event, they both love Korean dramas, crazy over them at the moment ha ha! How lucky you are! :D

  3. Tes,
    I only came to know Lee Dong Wook after watching his TV drama series "Partner".

    I didn't know how popular he or Kim Sun Ah is until I went to the event. :P

    OK, now I am going to buy his "My Girl" series and watch it. :)

  4. Lina,

    Oh!? You watch his shows too?

    My son has been watching K-dramas since he became ill and resting at home. I watched it to keep him company and is getting hooked. :)

  5. Hello Marzie!

    I didn't know they are so popular. I went just to get a closer look at Lee Dong Wook. He brushed past me as he went on stage, I could smell his cologne. Very charming guy. And Kim Sun Ah, I really love her humour!

  6. I love KSA...she is the best Kdrama actress ever in all genre. She has a new movie too where she plays a wife to a baseball player and mom to their kids.
    How lucky you are!

  7. Oh my!!! So lucky...:)) I love Lee Dong Wook in MyGirl and Partner.

    Best Regards!
    Des of

  8. i'm a big fan of K-dramas and 'Scent of a Woman' sounds like an interesting series.

  9. you're so lucky to be able to see them up close. Lee dong Wook looks gorgeous. did u manage to get his autograph?

  10. merl_md,
    Wow, I feel so honoured to have met KSA and LDW in person.

    I am enjoying their Scent of a Woman! I will try to find out more about KSA's latest movie. Tks.

  11. Hi Des!
    I have not watched My Girl. Will look for it after my Christmas baking. :)

  12. Denesa!
    K-drama fan too!? We can go star-gazing together! hahaha....

  13. Life Ramblings,
    'Scent of a Woman' is an interesting drama becos of the two stars. You gotta watch it.

    I was busy taking pictures when he walked passed twice and now I feel so silly that I didn't grab the opportunity to shake his hands or ask for his autograph. aiyoooooh....

  14. Even though you weren't able to shake his hand or get his autograph will still love to trade places with you that was a rare moment for any fan to be that upclose to them. Love the two LDW in My Girl and KSA in My Lovely Sam Soon and loved them more in SOAW... I truly felt SOAW and is on top of my fave K-Drama Series as for movies its still my Sassy Girl on top :p