Thursday, December 15, 2011

The Chronicles of Narnia: The Exhibition @Singapore

I was at The Shoppes at Marina Bay Sands with several friends when we were attracted by the exhibits. We bought tickets (S$5 each) and was immediately transported into the magical world of Narnia. I was pretty upset when a staff informed me 'No phototaking' is allowed in the exhibition hall.Arrghhhh!

From now until 31st January 2012, visitors can tour the scenes from the famed literary world of Narnia. Based on the blockbuster hit movies and C.S. Lewis’ beloved fictional books, The Chronicles of Narnia: The Exhibition is here in Asia for the first time.

I was so thrilled to be inside the original walk-in wardrobe that started it all. I stayed inside the wardrobe for quite a while, admiring the fur coats hanging in it. The moment I walked through the wardrobe, a magical Narnia awaits me! How I wish I could take some photos!

Once inside Narnia, we viewed artifacts from C.S. Lewis' personal study, original props and equipment from the three films. We like the replica of the White Witch's Throne where visitors can sit on the icy throne and feel the chill. At one interactive display, we learnt about the impact of climate change on our planet. It also investigates whether our planet could be frozen for 100 years, like the world of Narnia.

interactive displays such as the catapult

We had the opportunity to use a real working catapult similar to those used during medieval times as well as lift a real sword used in the filming of The Chronicles of Narnia.

I have watched the films of Narnia and absolutely love them. I am ecstatic for the opportunity to learn more about the world of Narnia and it's so cool to actually see the amazing props and costumes from the films. The designers are so brilliant and talented!

The Chronicles of Narnia: The Exhibition
3 December 2011 – 29 January 2012
10am – 10pm (last entry 9.30pm)
Location : CANAL Level B2 Skating rink, The Shoppes at Marina Bay Sand

S$5 per person (children 2 years and under admitted free)
S$20 – Family package (2 adults and up to 4 children)
$2.50 each for additional child. (Children: 3-16 years)

Happy Holidays!


  1. Unfortunately I don't know Narnia at all ! I am ignorant !
    It always makes me angry when I am not allowed to take pictures. Sometimes I manage because my camera is paparazzi friendly and I never used the flash.

  2. The Chronicles of Narnia is a fictional book by C.S. Lewis. It was made into a series of movies which became great hits, earning millions of fans.

    It was only after I purchased my ticket that they told me no phototaking allowed in the exhibition hall. :(

    The props and costumes are so beautifully crafted!!

  3. Cool exhibits.

    But naughty, naughty ECL still took photos of it! xD

  4. That's pretty cool. I've never read the book, but I've seen some of the movie. I may get the book before I see the movie.

  5. such wonderful exhibits and i enjoy Narnia too. too bad photography is forbidden, how frustrating.

  6. That is so neat. We got to see many of the props when we went to Disney World last year in Florida. They have an exhibit at Hollywood Studios Park (formerly MGM). I loved the books and I own the original set that came in a case from when I was a child. The first book is still my favorite. It was so well written.

  7. ¨Wish I could have been there. The Narnia series are some of my most treasured books from childhood.