Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Changing of Guards @ The Istana - WW

Every first Sunday evening of the month, a Changing of Guards Ceremony is held at the entrance of the Istana Building along Orchard Road. The Istana is the official residence and office of the President of Singapore

A platoon of 20 guards from Singapore Armed Forces Military Police Command would perform duties in the Istana for one month before another unit takes over. The take-over by a new unit is signified by the Changing of Guards Ceremony .

The in-coming Guards march from 268 Orchard Road to meet the out-going Guards at the main entrance of the Istana.

The format of the Ceremony is based on the British Changing of Guards Ceremony at Buckingham Palace, England. Thirty-six Guards and two Guard Commanders are involved in the Ceremony. The Guards are specially selected and trained for their turnout, bearing and drill.

The Changing of the Guards Ceremony is then carried out at the entrance of the Istana with military bands in attendance.

Included in the ceremony is a Rifle Precision Drill Performance. It was my first time watching this performance and I was awed by the flawless execution of these fine young men.

Many tourists and residents stopped to watch this ceremony. I met several locals with their families in tow came to know about this ceremony through the media. Armed with food, video recording equipment and cameras, they had come early to find a good spot. I'm going to bring my young nephews and have a picnic too. :)

The public is welcome to witness the ceremony.

Changing of Guards @ The Istana
Every first Sunday of the month, 6 pm


  1. I have to remember this and see them if ever I get to Singapore. :)

  2. Lovely capture of changing of guards.. I personally haven't seen this. It would be good to bring my kids to see this when they are older.

  3. Now that's a real show for tourists ! Our king has abolished guards and guard changing outside the palace because he thought it's too cold or hot to stand there still or just make the show for the (mostly) tourists. Now the guards are inside the palace entrance in a well heated guardian house.

  4. Interesting! Sounds as though they conduct this changing of the guard ceremony once a month. Great choreography they must drill over and over to be so proficient in their tasks. I wonder if they would be as efficient if they were called upon to perform active duty should such and an occasion arise requiring weaponry and soldiery. Seeing them carry out their task so expertly inspires confidence that they would equal to whatever they should face.

  5. what an amazing site to watch. I bet the men that are chosen for this job are very proud. thanks for stopping by & commenting too! with winter arriving soon, I would love to be in the tropics!

  6. I would love to see this in person. Way cool.

    Hope you had a terrific WW. :)

  7. This is quite the ceremony. I wonder if it attract that many onlookers every month.

  8. I know about the changing of guards just not sure of the exact day and time, thanks to you, now I know!! :D

  9. Ohh I didn't know they have this too in Singapore. I witnessed this in was a sight to see. I'll remember this when we visit Singapore :)