Saturday, September 03, 2011

Sentosa Buskers Festival 2011 - PH

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Valentino's Jazz Puppets

Sentosa Buskers Festival returns with 13 fascinating street performances from 8 countries this year! On its first day, I was invited to interview several of the performers.

From 3rd to 11 September, guests can catch the performances at 4 locations around Sentosa - Merlion Plaza, Imbiah Garden (Amphitheatre), Songs of the Sea (Forecourt) and Siloso Beach.

Jonathan Acorn (UK) - clowning and puppetry

The oldest performer at this festival, he can still delight his guests with a series of entertaining acts.

Louise Kerr (New Zealand)

Look out for this funny lady. Louise Kerr presents Sports Suzie who breaks out in a display of aerobics that is like no other. She puts up a wacky and entertaining show. I had a great time laughing at her antics. The young and the old love her. :D
The Amazing Senmaru and Yuki (Japan)

Senmaru and Yuki perform the "Edo-Daikagura", a traditional Japanese juggling which was originally a sacred and serious performance to ward off evil spirits. Today it is used to entertain crowds from all over the world. Watch them juggle tea pots and cups among other interesting objects.

Both are hilarious and we cannot stop laughing. I held my breath while Senmaru spun a S$200-ceramic teapot on a stick!

The crowd enjoying the performances.

Acromanuel (Denmark)

Trained in both gymnastics and circus acts, Acromanuel has amazingly strong muscles. He can maintain his body at seemingly impossible angles. It was incredible to see him spin a cube-shaped frame around him as he effortlessly weaves his body in and out of the spaces.

David Engel (USA)

David Engel is from New York and his human statue characters have been featured in multiple films, festivals and events throughout Europe and China. He has appeared at prestigious venues such as Lincoln Center, The Metropolitan Museum of Art and Carnegie Hall.

As the human statue character does not have a fixed place of performance, the fun is to spot him and announce it on Sentosa Buskers Festival's official Facebook page. Last year we had fun finding Kate Mior. Let's do it again!!

As part of the Sentosa Island's charity initiative, all donations received during Sentosa Buskers Festival will go towards Community Chest to support various social service programmes in Singapore. These cash donations can be made at the end of each performance.

So.... what's wrong with this event?

With such interesting and fascinating performances from international buskers, you would expect to pay through your nose to watch them, right?

It's a Free Event!! So bring your family to Sentosa Buskers Festival and have a fun day!

Sentosa Buskers Festival 2011
3 - 11 Sept
4 pm to 10pm


  1. Seems like a fun event aye. :D guys have to spot David Engel? he would be standing there like...the whole day? :p

  2. A really interesting event and making it free sure makes it reachable to all sorts of audiences who might not really care about buskers in the first place.

  3. EXCELLENT article!

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  4. "EastCoastLife" has been included in this weeks A Sunday Drive. I hope this helps to attract even more new visitors here.

  5. ECL, yes, it is an event not to be missed! Thanks for your info and I will link your article in my blog's comment box!