Friday, August 19, 2011

Milo Dinosaur - PH

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Milo Dinosaur!!

My mother used to make a cup of hot Milo for my breakfast when I was a young child. To a poor family, it was affordable and a good nutrient supplement for growing kids. Each child was only allowed a cup a day.

My brothers and I love this awesome chocolate malt drink. Following the tradition of our mother, we give a cup of Milo to our kids every morning, they love it too. :)

Since we could afford to drink as much Milo as we want now, our kids are making Milo Dinosaurs which is very popular in Singapore.

Milo Dinosaurs is a cup of Milo with extra spoonfuls of powdered undissolved Milo added to it. Another luxury version is the Milo Godzilla where whipped cream or a scoop of ice cream is added to to a cup of Milo. A huge tin of Milo can disappear within a week if they make these luxury drinks frequently. kekeke.... 

The Milo van - photo courtesy of oceanskies

At some events around Singapore, we can still see the Milo van! It brings back fond memories because when I was in elementary school, we always had the Milo van at our Annual Sports Day.

In my school, there were many children who came from the nearby villages and from not well-to-do families like myself. The village children looked forward to this annual event where we could have as many cups of chilled Milo as we want - for free! I was never allowed to drink chilled Milo at home. What a treat!

Several years ago, Milo held a huge giveaway at Suntec City. Every adult who bothered to queue, got a free tin of Milo. Many elderly turned up from all corners of Singapore, each one went home happily carrying a tin of Milo.

To the many people who drink Milo everyday, it is really more than just another chocolate malt beverage.


  1. yes, I remember the free milo when they came to school.

    Queuing for a tin of milo, freebies like that, I cam imagine how long the queue will be. BTW, how big is the tin?

    My son doesn't like milo, so I won't be queuing. LOL

  2. Oh, just learn fr about Milo dinosaur. Funny name. Milo is still my favorite breakfast drink. Those Milo vans on sport days were a luxury for us those days.

  3. Love those Milo vans during sports event. :)

    I like to eat a banana dipped in milo. Yummy!

  4. My children also loves Milo but I try to limit them to just one drink a day because they tend to be so hyperactive.

  5. I grew up drinking Milo and Ovaltine. Thanks for the fun remembrance.

  6. Ah it sounds tasty. I don't think it is on sale here in England

  7. The thing with Milo is that it's never as good when made at home compared to when gotten from those Milo trucks. I wonder what's their secret!!!

  8. You reminded me of the poor old days when Milo is always given as a gift for special occasion like new-born and new year.

    I prefer coffee when I grew up and seldom drink Milo anymore but still remember the values it once given to me.

    It's the first time I heard of Milo Dinosaur as well although I am born in Singapore ;)

  9. I don't think I know this "Milo" drink seems to be very successful !

    But I know that Photo Hunter TNChick gets her posts up late and later or even not at all. It looks as if she is not motivated at all anymore. What do you think ?

  10. i used to drink milo every morning as a kid but now I find it too sweet and sugary and I haven't had Milo for years!

  11. Best to check what the first ingredient is. I bet it is sugar or malt. It is not a health drink. Same with drinks like Ovaltine and Horlicks. It was such a plot to sell sweetened drinks to Asia under the guise of something healthy. Think of condensed milk. It was created so that milk would not go bad so easily in warm tropical countries and mothers there would serve it to their kids as "milk". It is nothing but concentrated sugar. And Nestle did the greatest disfavour (and in opinion, a crime) telling mothers that their formula is better than mother's milk. Such garbage!