Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Get Your Fortune Told - WW

Outside the popular Goddess of Mercy temple in Waterloo Street, we noticed numerous stalls offering fortune telling. This particular one attracted me. A large crowd had gathered around the makeshift stall.

The fortune teller was using an abacus to 'calculate' the events of his clients' life.

There was a queue of people waiting to see him. Any one who wants to have his fortune told has to take a queue number. wow

I find it amusing that those who seek his service were comfortable sharing their personal problems with so many strangers.   :P

Another stall displayed several colourful parrots who could pick lucky lottery numbers.  The owner allowed the public to touch his birds and take pictures with them.

Instead of picking lucky lottery numbers for my hubby, this parrot tried to pick his watch. And it really undid the clasp on hubby's watch! lol

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  1. Have seen finches but not parrots do this! Great post.

    Aloha from Waikiki;

    Comfort Spiral
    > < } } ( ° >

  2. Maybe the parrot is hinting - go buy the watch's serial number and win BIG! xD

  3. Your husband's watch must be worth a fortune ! ;)

  4. Cloudia,
    I wonder if it was trained to do that. :P

  5. LINA!!

    Why didn't we think of that!?
    *quickly phone hubby*

  6. Michael,
    Not worth that much but the parrot got taste. :P

  7. ECL,
    If win, don't forget to treat me, ah? LOL

  8. Not so wordless, but I forgive you because these stalls are on Waterloo Street, which means it's named after my town ! It's obvious then that everything the fortune tellers are saying is true !

  9. I think the parrot just hit the jackpot on your husband's watch.

  10. My fortune is that I will have some awesome makan !!!

  11. the parrot is just so adorable!!! well, most birds are. :D