Sunday, August 28, 2011

Dr Tony Tan is Singapore's 3rd Elected President

Dr Tony Tan and family

Hubby and I were at Toa Payoh stadium to wait for the results of our Presidential Election 2011. When it was announced there would be a recount, we knew who would be the winner.

Up close with Dr Tan at Toa Payoh stadium

Around 3 am, before leaving Toa Payoh stadium for the Elections Department, Dr Tony Tan was interviewed by the media.

Waiting at the Elections Department

We followed Dr Tan to the Elections Department. Many reporters and supporters were waiting around for the results. It was a long wait for us before Dr Tan emerged at 4.20 am.

It was an intensely fought election, and the result was very close.

After a brief interview, Dr Tan got into his car and we sped back to Toa Payoh stadium to a warm reception as supporters lined up in the stadium to congratulate him.

Dr Tony Tan and his family went on stage to thank his supporters. The media and supporters mobbed Dr Tony Tan after his thank-you speech. :)

The new President will be sworn in on Thursday, September 1.

Congratulations to Dr Tony Tan, Singapore's elected President!

Now for some much needed sleep. zzzz.........


  1. Last nite, I watch with intense the neck to neck results between TCB and TT. When it was announced a recount, I already know who will be the winner.

    Congratulations to Dr Tony Tan!

  2. Wow sleepless night for you busy at the polls. Congratz to Dr Tony Tan. Better catch up the much needed zzzzZZZzzzzZZZzzz..haha