Wednesday, April 27, 2011

21st European Union Film Festival 5 - 15 May 2011


The European Union Cultural Committee and 
NYU Tisch School of the Arts Asia
presents the 21st European Union Film Festival
5 - 15 May 2011
Golden Village VivoCity

Tickets at S$10 each

Currently enjoying its 21st year in Singapore, the European Union Film Festival (EUFF) is a cinematic exhibition of the filmmaking talents often under represented in our multiplexes. Featuring 18 nationally and internationally acclaimed films including recent winners at Cannes, Rome and other film festivals, the EUFF aims to celebrate the excellence and diversity of European film. War, friendship, religion and love are a few of the themes explored. 

Every year I look forward to the EU Film Fest. There was a time when the many cultures, lifestyles and languages of Europe seemed distant and inaccessible to Singaporeans. Today, it's these differences that are drawing many young Singaporeans like me seeking authentic and unique experiences, to watch European films and visit European countries.

For a relaxed yet educational evening activity, the EUFF is the choice for you. Come enjoy the magnificent works of 18 different countries like Bulgaria, France, Germany, Spain, Hungary, Poland, and the United Kingdom etc.

Below is the schedule of the movies that will be screening in Golden Village VivoCity from 5 to 15 May 2011. As there is only one special screening for each movie, purchase your tickets early so as to get better seats in theatres. Do not miss this opportunity to experience the variety of European movies!


GV Movie Club members will get to enjoy $1 discount off the European Film Festival 2011 tickets and double their chances of winning a pair of Finnair tickets to Hungary!


  1. wish I could join you there!

    Warm Aloha from Honolulu

    Comfort Spiral




  2. hope you'll be able to win this chance and visit Hungary.

  3. A great festival right? Can watch the work of different countries. :p