Monday, January 03, 2011

Starting 2011 with Bangs! - RT/WW

Fireworks truly start my new year with a bang!

My countdown to the new year was celebrated with fireworks. Truly starting 2011 off with a bang!

For readers who were wondering if I survive my leap of faith, yes. I was away in Kuala Lumpur during the New Year. :D

Partying with a fire-eater

My nephew got married on the 1st day of the new year.


Nice numbers. He has no excuse to forget his wedding anniversary. haha....

That makes me start planning ..... Should my son's wedding be 1.3.13 or 1.8.18 (too long for me to wait!)? hmmm.....

Don't laugh, I need to book my son's wedding banquet in advance. No joke! One has to pay through his nose if he books his wedding dinner in Singapore only months before his big day.

A breeze to drive with a GPS navigation device!

My husband and I drove up to KL. It was a breeze reaching our destinations with our newly acquired gadget - the GPS navigation device. No more messy maps. Lesser name calling, swearing and heated arguments for missing turns. I strongly recommend buying a GPS navigation device if you are thinking of driving in a foreign country. :P

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  1. Happy New Year, ECL. Its indeed nice to hv a weddding date to remember. Hope U wld not wait too long to become MIL.LOL.

  2. Happy New Year, ECL!

    Get Jaymes to wed on 11-11-11... even better! :P

  3. Happy New Year ECL!

    If you do set a date already informs us all lah...and invite us to Jaymes wedding. ^-^

  4. I totally agree to that --> esser name calling, swearing and heated arguments for missing turns.

    Now all we do are just blame : Stupid GPS!

  5. Yes with GPS BP would also reduced tremendously. What about 1.11.11 or 11.11.11 for his wedding? One-derful dates to go by. Too soon? haha.

  6. An awesome start to the new year! Thanks for the visit and congrats to your son on the graduation and congrats to your nephew on the wedding!
    By the way, having a GPS even when you are not in a foreign country is a good idea!(Texas is sooo confusing!)
    Be Blessed and Happy 2011!

  7. i'm sure hundreds of couples took advantage of 1/1/11 too. a great way to make sure you never forget your anniversary.

  8. It's hard to believe we are here once more with a brand new year fully ahead of us. Each year we get older and each year we find more things to do ..... may you find your hopes, dreams, wishes and aspirations and have the happiest of years you have ever known.

    I just love to visit your blog it is always full of interesting things ... but I'm glad that I cannot hear the bangs from the pictures at the top of this post! Ha ha ..... Happy New Year!!!

  9. Quickly find a girl of his dreams and be a grandmother soon, hahaha....

  10. ECL,

    Why not 12.12.12? Just coming around the corner, you must start planning and order the banquet asap. It must be a grand banquet :)

  11. What? Your son's wedding on 1.3.13 or 1.8.18? That's too late! Have you forgotten the end of the world is in 2012? Haha!!

  12. What a fun way to spend the new year. I also love your new GPS. Aren't they just wonderful. Yes they are.

    Have a terrific day. :)

  13. Happy New Year to u and ur family, ECL! oh 1.8.18? nice numbers!! :D

  14. That's the way to start New Year. A great wedding anniversary date.

  15. Yeah..I agree that a reliable GPS is so useful when we drive up to Malaysia. Even if you miss the instruction, it will still make sure that you get to your destination finally.

  16. happy new year. more power to you for 2011!

  17. GPS is very handy I agree most especially in unknown places.

    New year here was all so boring =(