Friday, January 07, 2011

Sentosa Luge and Skyride - PH

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My husband and I took time off on a weekday and headed to Sentosa island. No, not to the casino although many adults were going that way. Both of us turned into kids again and went for joy rides offered on the island's attractions.

First, we took the Skyride which is an open-air cable-driven chairlift offering fantastic panoramic scenery of the city skyline and beautiful we headed up to Imbiah Lookout to try the Luge.

I have treated many guests to rides on the Luge but this was my first time in the driver's seat. The Luge is a non-motorised, three-wheel carrier (aka self-driving car system) that careens down a steep hill on the 650-metre Jungle Trail track from the Imbiah Lookout to Siloso Beach.

Before setting off, we were instructed how to use and control the Luge which is pretty easy as the gears come in the form of handles, enabling riders to have full control and allowing them to descend the slope as gently or as fast as they prefer.

We chose the second track dubbed ‘The Dragon Trail’ because it has even tighter corners and numerous turns. Good for those who are after even more excitement. :P

Chris whizzing past me......

There were many youngsters and kids having fun on the Luge. We probably looked out of place among them as we were the oldest couple on the track and Chris was dressed in his office attire. haha....

Luge & Skyride Combo
One Luge & Skyride:
S$12 / Person

Two Luge & Skyrides:
S$17 / Person

Three Luge & Skyrides:
S$21 / Person

Five Luge & Skyrides:
S$29 / Person

Family Deals*
Four ride family pass: S$29
Eight ride family pass: S$49

Skyride only
One Way: S$8 / Person
Two Way: S$12 / Person
*Family deals are applicable for families with a child below 16 yrs old
Age and Height restrictions apply.

Min. height 85cm to ride with an adult
Min. height 130cm to ride alone

6yrs and 110cm or taller to ride Luge alone

Opening Hours
10 a.m. – 9.30 p.m. daily

Location: Imbiah Lookout, Sentosa Island
Tel: +65 6274 0472

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  1. Cool!

    When are you taking me for a round, ECL? :D

  2. I love the luge!! I took both the trails :P

    And OMG, you managed to take photos whilst still in the luge! I daren't take out my camera at all... hahaha!

  3. Yes overgrown babies!!! haha. For me will sure to chase the dragon love the excitement. You would not flipped over if one goes too fast at the bend? tQ.

  4. I was on that luge ride before and I turned into a big kid too, racing my boy:)A pity that the ride is abit short.

    Should be going on our next ride again.

  5. It's a good idea to spend the day on weekdays as you do not have to jostle with the crowd on weekends.

  6. wanna try those rides. looks like so much fun.

    happy new year of photo hunting.

  7. This really looks like something we can enjoy ^-^

  8. Wow, didn't know you had this in Singapore! Definitely will make a beeline for the luge when I next visit Singapore -- love luges... but have to say that's the widest luge path I've ever seen! :O

  9. that's so cool!! would love to try it. :)

  10. a weekday sojourn rocks =] hope to try these rides one day =] happy 2011!

  11. LOL - that looks like a ton of fun! I'd like to try it.

    Have a great weekend.

  12. That looks like a lot of fun.

  13. i like to do that. i want to visit Sentosa :(

    Happy Weekend

  14. That does look like a real blast. When my husband and I were in Singapore, we didn't make it to Sentosa, but next time we will. I think that the luge would probably satisfy the Mario Andretti within my soul. ..

  15. I know you have so much fun and the price looks affordable...Happy hunting.

  16. I love the luge ride... but not the sky ride.. :D

    Here's mine:

  17. Cool and fun activities.I'd go for the sky ride. :)

    Happy hunting!

    Liz @ MLC

  18. It looks like fuan, ECL, only I like some snow when I ride a chairlift :P
    Happy weekend!

  19. marvelous photos. i hope to visit Sentosa this year.:p

  20. That looks like a fun thing to do. May you always be a child at heart ECL.

    Happy New Year to you.

  21. Glad that you have enjoyed yourself. So who care which attire you're in, right?

    Happy New Year!

  22. hi ECL!!!

    Happy New Year!!

    The prices are good, hopefully we can also try this in the future.

  23. Happy 2011, ECL.

    Didnt know Sentosa got an add-on trail(Dragon Trail). When i went with my gf to try out the ride few years ago, there was only one trail

  24. so cool I have tried this here in the Philippines in Clark, Angeles at the place called Zoocobia.. really nice and fun..