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EastCoastLife Lodged Complaint to Corrupt Practices Investigation Bureau (CPIB)

When I was asked to go down to CPIB in April 2010 to give an account of my complaint, I put on 3 layers of clothings (brought my shawl too, in case) as I had the impression from TV dramas and movies that it would be freezing cold in the interrogation room. :P 

The investigation officer who came to meet me at the reception area was alarmed to see me in a wheelchair. He kindly informed me that he could postpone the appointment if I had told him of my physical condition earlier. I was so determined to give my statement after so many failed attempts over so many years, nothing could stop me.  

He wheeled me to the level where there were several small rooms, each with only 2 chairs and a table in it. I guess these are the interrogation rooms. I spotted a water dispenser in a corner. My wheelchair couldn't fit into the room so I was wheeled to his office. The air-conditioning was fine for me. :P

Before the interview, he warned me about the consequences if I give any false information.Throughout the interview, the investigation officer was patient and courteous. It was over in 2 hours.

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In year 2003, I tried to lodge a complaint to CPIB to an Indian investigation officer who referred me to the Duty Officer, but he didn't take up my case.

On 9th June 2009, I went to CPIB personally to lodge a complaint. No action was taken.

On 31st December 2010 at 2.40 pm, I went to CPIB but was told to go home. The office was closed for the rest of the day as it was New Year's Eve. I was told to make a  phone call to the Duty Officer for that day.

On 20th January 2010, I made another attempt to lodge a complaint.

At the end of February, the investigation officer who took down my complaint in January 2010 called to tell me I "have a case" and he arranged an appointment on 1st March 2010 from 9am to lunchtime for me to go down to CPIB to provide more information on the case.

On 1st March 2010, at 7.52 am as I was preparing to set off to CPIB, the officer called to cancel the meeting as he was feeling unwell. I didn't hear from him until I emailed him in April.

On 9th April 2010, my statement was recorded at CPIB.

On 2nd August 2010, at around 1.55 pm, I received a threatening phone call which I reported to CPIB.
On 10th August, I was harassed by a suspect who was being investigated by CPIB. 7 consecutive calls were made to me and I reported them to CPIB. 

Over the years, I have received threats and harassment which were reported to the police. There are attempts to stop me but I am determined to expose the wrongdoers.  

Corrupt Practices Investigation Bureau (abbreviation : CPIB) 贪污调查局 is a government agency in Singapore which investigates and prosecutes corruption in the public and private sectors

"If someone asks you for a bribe in Singapore, you would be totally outraged and would complain about it straightaway,"
Deputy Prime Minister and Defence Minister Teo Chee Hean, Today Paper 10th Dec 2010

The Corrupt Practices Investigation Bureau can investigate anyone and reports directly to the Prime Minister. Public officials are paid decent wages so they have no excuse to be tempted. Corruption should be tackled at the root and at the source from the top leadership down.

The Prevention of Corruption Act provides extensive powers to CPIB in the investigation of corruption, including:
  • The power to investigate not just the suspect, but also the suspect's family or agents and to examine their financial and other records.
  • The power to require the attendance of witnesses for interview.
  • The power to investigate any other seizable offence which is disclosed in the course of a corruption investigation.

Help Keep Singapore Corruption Free

If you have any information on corruption offence, please do not hesitate to inform CPIB.
Reporting/ providing information on Corruption Offences. 

You could do the following :

a. Go personally to CPIB at 2, Lengkok Bahru, S(159047), to lodge a complaint to the Duty Officer; or
b. Write a letter to CPIB. You may remain anonymous if you wish; or
c. Make a phone call to the CPIB Duty Officer at 1800 - 376 0000 at any time of the day to make the complaint; or
d. E-mail to CPIB through the CPIB internet website.

Duty Officer : 1800 - 376 0000
(please use this number to lodge a complaint or feel free to make use of their online Corruption Complaint Form)
Quality Service Manager : 1800 - 270 0855
(please use this number for feedback on service-related matters)
General Enquires : 6270 0141
Fax no : 6270 0320
Email :
Postal Address : 2 Lengkok Bahru
Singapore 159047

Or feel free to make use of their online Feedback Form .

Where there are gaps in our laws, we have to move to close those gaps.

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  1. are putting your life on the line...

  2. you're a brave woman, i admire your courage. we have a similar government agency but i guess they're not as efficient. because if they are, half of the gov't officials should all be in jail by now.

    "All that is necessary for the triumph of evil is for good men [or women] to do nothing." ~ Edmund Burke

    take care, ECL!

  3. You lodged your first complaint in 2003 and thereafter several more over the years without any action from CPIB until now. Why did the CPIB take such a long time to investigate?

  4. I admire your courage too ECL.
    Wish you and the family a Merry X'mas!

  5. Tekkaus,
    Yes. My life is at stake.

    There is a belief in the minds of many ordinary Singapore citizens that "only when a victim is dead then the government will take action". Looks like I'm in the category too.

    No problem with me as long as my death is worth if there are improvements in the lives of my future generations and fellow Singaporeans.

  6. Miranda,
    Thank you.

    It is easy to say "I want to be a good man (woman)" but it is an uphill task. I'm going through Hell for this but there is light at the end of the tunnel for now.

    2010 marks the 10th year of my fight for a Clean-up of our civil service.

  7. stanley,
    "Why did the CPIB take such a long time to investigate?"

    This question is for CPIB to answer.

  8. Hello jean!

    So sorry I didn't answer your emails. I was too busy with my legal suit and investigations.

    Thanks for coming back to visit.

    Have a Peaceful and Merry Christmas! Love and hugs from sunny Singapore

  9. ECL, salute you for your determination to uncover the wrongdoers. Yet I am surprised that CPIB taking your case. I guess there are many other people who are also desperate to get their case tackle sooner as they may be in danger too. Hope your case is settled soon. Good luck!

  10. No problem ECL. I know it hasn't been easy for you lately and I'm just happy to see you still with your signature determined spirit. My job had me moving about lately anyway.
    Your perilous complaint adventure sadly seemed to have taken forever to get cracking. In my country Govt authorities don't seem to be care until a death occurs or if one has a team of 20 international lawyers behind you or a Minister relative.
    I won't delve into your case and in my country there is a department similar to S'pore's CPIB but nevertheless its a constant battle for ordinary citizens like us to get justice done. It often takes years. A lot of people get so fustrated they resort to using the media especially television to tell their story and kick a$$ the Govt.
    Threatening telephone calls must be rather terrifying for you. One jumps when the phone rings or one's heart beats fast when opening the mailbox in case of strange letters. I salut your courage and family's support.
    All the best to you!

  11. Oh dear you are so brave to expose such deals. Just do take care ok.